Earlier in August (this post has been in drafts for weeks lol), the family had planned to visit Kawasan Falls. That's because we wanted to quench our thirst for adventure. It's one of those days when we decided we need to take a break from the desk and go for a nature trip and Kawasan Falls in...
This blogging thing - I never got the hang of it. It's kind of a challenge to make sure I keep this page updated. I have two writing jobs and I have to maintain another site - our main site. Mix that with a clingy toddler and I'm left with only little time to make sure I come back...
Having grown up in the 90s makes me realize that life was simple, happy and free of distractions then. That's not to say that I don't like technology because I do. I benefit a lot from it and without it, I may not have the job that I have (and love) today. And of course, life wouldn't...
Our family trip to Talima Beach Resort located on Olanggo Island is officially our first summer trip. My mom and my siblings had the itch to unwind somewhere and they ended up choosing Talima Beach Villas and Beach Resort. Of course, I was excited for Kai since he loves the beach so much.It took long for me to write...
We've just found a beautiful place that we made our favorite to visit - Siargao. We spent four days and three nights there just in time for Kai's birthday. We made it a "thing" to travel when it's our little boy's special day. This year, we decided to travel to Siargao with a kid.
Hi, it's me, Wendy, a socially awkward first-time mom who chose to share about her life as a mother through this blog.I adore my family, our dogs and I enjoy reading and listening to my Spotify playlists.
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