5 Things I Love About October 2018 – What’s Happening?


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If there’s one month a lot of people go crazy about, it has to be December. Obviously, there’s Christmas, the holidays and breaks from school and work, the scrumptious feast and the overall Christmassey vibe. I love December myself, but I may have just made October as my favorite month.

There are a lot of things to get excited about this month. For one, it’s our boy’s birthday month and he’ll be turning four this year. It seems like it was only yesterday when I had a DIY simple birthday celebration with his Hutos cake. We haven’t planned something big on his birthday just yet and you’ll know why when you read my favorite things happening in October 2018.

Kai’s Birthday

As I’ve mentioned, our little boy will not be so little anymore. This month, he’ll be celebrating his fourth birthday. I haven’t asked him yet what cake he wanted for his birthday. I can remember, the first year, he had an elephant-themed cake, the second year it was a car-shaped cake colored yellow – because we have observed he likes that color. On his third birthday, he had a Hutos cake. Hutos is a Korean TV show that resembles Teletubbies. It’s really like a Korean version of Teletubbies, only much cuter. For a while, Kai was addicted to them and I don’t know how he found those cuties on YouTube. This year, we still have to talk about the cake design we’re going to get.

Hello Siargao!

Yas! It’s Siargao month! We’d booked this trip several months prior and we are so excited because it would be our first time as a family to visit the surfing capital of the Philippines. Traveling on Kai’s birthday is something we’ve done ever since. We had traveled as near as Moalboal or further as Bohol for his birthday. It may not fall exactly on the day but we made sure we’d travel because of his birthday. It’s a tradition we’d like to keep. This year, we’re heading to Siargao. I just hope the weather will cooperate – after all, Kai’s birthday month is usually typhoon season in the Philippines.

Finally worked on my Newsletter

I’ve been dreading and having a dilemma over newsletters. For a long time, it was a “should I or should I not” debate for me. And eventually, I did it. I have made it a mission to make newsletters a regular thing. In fact, I have just completed a Halloween-themed sticker printable as a giveaway. This would be great for all you bullet journal/planner lovers out there. If you’re interested in receiving free sticker printables every month, join my mailing list now!

Trick or Treating

This is prolly a big reason why I love October. I love the idea of dressing up on Halloween even before Kai came to this world. But I guess I never had the guts to dress up on Halloween and just go around in a costume – unless it’s required (like in a school, when I was still studying). But with Kai around, I have a reason to dress up. Every year, I accompany him while trick or treating and I make sure I go wearing a costume.

This year is something exciting because we’ve decided to go as Thor and Loki. In my previous post, I told you about Kai’s fleeting love for Thor. But eventually, he agreed to go as Thor and he’s excited now that his costume is 80% complete. Here’s a sneak peek!

Can’t wait to paint the Mjolnir.

Halloween Movies

I love good old-fashioned horror movies. Haha! Not the gory and disturbing kind. But these days, it’s hard to get me to watch horror movies like The Nun, or the Conjuring series. They’re downright scary – for my taste, at least. But when it comes to family-friendly horror movies like these ones on my list, it’s definitely a go for me!

What’s so great about this month for you? What are you excited about this October? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Some great reasons to love October right here! I love it too – it’s my birthday month hehe! Thank you for sharing this post 🙂

  2. Looks like you a great reason to love this month and I can now feel how happy and excited you are for this month.

  3. I can’t agree more with your list, can i add a few more things like the amazing weather, the breathtaking colors around us, ahhhh, October is the best!

  4. October in Singapore doesnt really mean anything here as we dont have 4 seasons. But when I was studying in Japan, October mean maple leaves turn into red and most people will rush to forest and mountain to check out the red maple leaves.

  5. I LOVE October. I live in the South so October is the month that the temperatures finally become bearable again. So people have tons of events and festivals all over, and not just for Halloween. It’s such a busy, fun time!

  6. I’ve been trying to get to the Philippines for a couple years now. I keep missing the short window of predictable weather. I’ll get there one day, maybe not to surf. But one day.

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