Welcome to my blog, Times with Kai. Hi! My name is Wendy Lemeric, an introvert who runs this Cebu mom blog; partner and best friend for 11 years now to my man, mom to a bright 5-year-old boy, stepmom to a 14-year-old and caretaker/humom to 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit named Bucky.

I run this blog from our home in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu while juggling 5 clients as an online freelancer. I’m a lover of FOOOOOD, animals, nature, arts and crafts, tattoos, wild hair colors and fascinating things that our son is obsessed with during different phases of his childhood (currently, dinosaurs).

What You Can Find On This Cebu-based mom Blog

I started this site to document my life as a mom to our now five-year-old boy. Overtime, I’ve decided to turn it into a resource site intended for first-time moms who want to learn more about babywearing, babyled weaning, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting.

Our family LOVES to travel. Although we don’t travel as much as other people, we do want traveling to be part of our life. You will also find our travel reports on this blog.

I also realized that many moms are not prepared for life in the kitchen once they settle down to family life, which is why this blog also contains easy, no-brainer recipes for the family and kids. And I mean no-brainer because I am not an expert at cooking myself. I can cook better than a lot of first-time moms but I’m definitely not a star chef.

And because I’m a lover of arts and crafts, you will also find DIY crafts that I’ve done myself and would love to share with the world.

I love planners, notebooks and stationery supplies. I love writing down to-do lists. I developed this habit 2 years ago and I’ve done it always since and it keeps me on track. This is probably why I can manage a lot of things that’s on my plate while still maintaining my sanity.

I enjoy preparing Kai’s baon, which is why you’ll find baon posts as well. If you head to my Instagram, you’ll see I post a lot of photos of his snack box.

When I’m not around our son, I’m busy working with 5 different clients, who I constantly learn from. I work for them as either a writer or virtual assistant. Recently, I started a new category dedicated to my mom-freelancer life, which will have posts about productivity tips and other general tips on how to have a successful freelancing career as a work-at-home mom.

Let’s be Friends!

If you relate to me being a work-from-home mom, a lover of animals, and arts and crafts; if you believe in attachment parenting and simply, if you love your family, this blog is for you.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and I hope you and I can be friends – because I always love to meet people (at least, online, lol) who I share similar interests with. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me here.