7 Annoying Toddler Behaviors That Are Actually Helping Your Little One


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I’m a first-time mom and I have never really experienced toddler meltdowns before I had Kai. But I know how bad can it get because, I’ve been there — like, literally. I can still remember a time when I had tantrums as a kid, but more importantly, I had my mom tell me how naughty I was as a kid (lol).

While I was pregnant with Kai, I also have mom friends who shared stories about their little ones like how I need to prepare for this and that. Kai is now two and so far I really haven’t experienced that “terrible two” that they always say or maybe I already have but it isn’t just that bad, although there are just those rare moments where I almost lost it. Still, below are some of the annoying toddler behaviors that I’ve already seen in Kai and probably common among parents but turn out to be good for the little ones.

Make a mess

Kai usually makes a mess when he sits on his booster chair and eats by himself.  He kind of has this habit of touching his hair after touching his food.  At times, he’d touch his face near his ears and then I’d have to clean up the gunk.


While I don’t really get bothered that much by the mess (I stopped caring when I could no longer keep up with cleaning after him each time),  this toddler behavior can be annoying especially when the mess is big. However,  studies show that this messy toddler behavior is educational for your tot.

The published study found that those toddlers that liked to make a mess out of their food tend to learn the words associated with the foods much more quickly.

Make you repeat a song or a story in the book.

I haven’t really gotten to the stage where my boy would insist on me reading a story over and over or repeatedly singing a particular tune as Kai would enthusiastically listen to whatever story I would read to him.


For those who find the repeated demands an annoying toddler behavior, be thankful. Repeating a line in a song or a story will help your kid build his vocabulary more effectively.

The always “No” answer.

At times, I actually think that Kai answering every question I have with a “No” is cute because my baby has such a sweet voice. But when I’m busy with work and I just need to get things done, that’s when it becomes an annoying toddler behavior.


Good thing I’m not the only one who gets to meet this stubborn phase – – it’s common in kids, but the good news is, your kid is trying it discover his identity. He’ll come to realize that what he wants or needs won’t always be the same as yours.

Seemingly never-ending high energy

Don’t you wish for once your toddler would give you a break for several hours in a day by just sitting still while you get to do what it is that you need to do? Toddlers are usually active and you just hope that you can keep that energy on the low at times. However, studies have shown that kids who move about a lot will not likely struggle with losing weight when they grow up.

The baby Koala

It’s flattering to know that your child is clingy and only wants you to be around him 24-7, but it gets me sometimes, especially when I cook or have to take a shower.  I don’t even want to think about date night or girls’ night – – it’s hard!

But when you think of it, a clingy child can be a good thing.  It only means that he or she trusts you and feels safe around you. If your child is glued to you, it only means he or she doesn’t feel comfortable about a certain situation and that should be an opportunity for you to give him the reassurance he needs.  The next time, he or she might not be so clingy anymore.

Temper tantrums

This annoying toddler behavior gets moms the most and it’s because they can put them in an embarrassing situation. But these hard-to-deal-with meltdowns have a bright side — it’s a way for kids to let out their frustrations. Just like us adults, bottling up all that frustration inside isn’t healthy and kids need to learn how to cope with emotions they are still trying to understand.

Mindaugas Danys/Wikimedia Commons

Still, it doesn’t mean that you should just let their screaming child be – it’s still an opportunity for you to give lessons about how to deal with frustrations.

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