6 Baby Essentials First-Time Moms Should Try


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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission if you purchase products through the links found in this article. Doing so would be at no cost to you.

Since I know a lot of friends who are expecting, I might just share some of the baby essentials I came to love. Being a first-time mom isn’t easy since; no matter how smart you are back in school, nothing could prepare you for motherhood. I asked moms around my age what baby essentials they use and from there, I’ve stumbled upon many things.

Aside from the usual diapers, baby wipes, washcloths, bibs, rompers, booties and onesies, I’ve come up with my own list, particularly on the hygiene side. I might refresh it time and again if I forgot something. So here they are.

#1. CJ’s Butter

I already made a review of this product, which you can check out here. CJ’s is the ultimate product I would recommend over and over for first-time moms. When you read the review, you’ll know why. Amazon also sells this amazing product. If you want one of my favorite scents, you can BUY IT HERE!

#2. Human Heart Nature baby essentials (Natural Baby Wash)

Human Heart Nature

I’m an HHN fan since I got introduced to the product by a good friend. Kai’s first baby wash was Lactacyd, but I observed redness after every wash, particularly on his head. His hair would go dry as well. Then I switched to Johnson’s baby bath and it’s the same thing. It’s actually worse. So I asked about products that have no harsh chemicals and I ended up with HHN. If you browse Human Heart Nature’s product list, you can find hundreds of natural products for adults and kids that you will surely love.

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HHN’s Natural Baby Wash is non-irritating and gentle on baby’s skin and I could really see the difference. And after the little booger gets out of the bath, his skin would be supple and smooth.

#3. HNN Wonder Oil

Human Heart Nature

I kept this around because it works wonders for booboos and rashes. I also used it to clean Kai’s ears from time to time and give him his massages. I had this in his essentials box so I would have something to use when I run out CJ’s Butter. That was then because now, he doesn’t use CJ’s Butter that much.

Want to try HNN’s Wonder Oil? Click this link to get yours!

#4.  Cycles Laundry Detergent and Cycles Stain Soaker

Cycles is one of my favorite baby essentials.

Compared to regular detergent, we used Cycles. It’s a mild laundry detergent made for babies. What I love best about this product is its smell and the fact that you only need to use a small amount to keep baby clothes clean.


The stain soaker is very helpful if you intend to go for cloth diapers. It works perfectly in removing those poop stains on the cloth. These two products go together for me and I just love them. I usually buy them from SM Department Store baby section or Baby Company.

Perwoll Baby is also a good choice for a baby detergent. I used Perwoll one time when I can’t find Cycles detergent anywhere.

#5. Mosquito Patches/any anti-insect bite products

I used this a lot on Kai when he was a baby. Mosquitoes are a problem in this country and we have lots of them. Just to prevent mosquito bites, we put some patches on Kai’s stroller and his clothes when we go out for a walk in the park.

Patches have cute designs that make them inviting to use, but they are not really 100% effective. I used it on Kai when he was little but it’s not recommended if your little one has learned to explore with his or her hands.  I suggest you get the insect repellent from HHN. Now that Kai’s older, I mainly use Green Cross Active Protect when we go out.

#6. Tiny Buds Tiny Fangs kiddie toothpaste

I started brushing Kai’s teeth as soon as they’re out. I had to find something that’s suitable for babies and through a friend’s suggestion, I started using Tiny Buds. The toothpaste smell pleasant and Kai loved it. It’s non-foaming and it tastes good with the flavors available. Kai used to enjoy brushing his teeth (before toddler days) and he would demand to have the toothpaste each time.

The product is available in two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2, to suit your kid’s age. You can find this kiddie toothpaste at SM department store’s baby section. I’m not sure though with other malls.

You may have noticed why I didn’t use powders and lotions or the all-time favorite Aceite de Manzanilla. I understand that our parents have used that on us a long time ago, but our pediatrician advised against the use of those products. Baby powder, in particular, can cause breathing problems and lung damage if the particles are inhaled, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Aceite de Manzanilla is mainly used to relieve babies of gas, but as advised by the pedia, Kai should simply be allowed to burp after feeding and he’ll be fine. I never used manzanilla on Kai, not even one bit, and he NEVER had gas problems.

I used these baby essentials until Kai was about more than a year old. I switched to many products since then.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.