Top 5 Babywearing Benefits First-Time Moms Should Know

Babywearing is awesome and fun

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Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full Disclosure policy.

Your newborn is highly dependent on your for his/her growth and development. As a first-time mom, I understand if you want to be with your new bundle of joy as much as possible but sometimes, things (like daily house chores) get in the way. But why worry when you can do all that while keeping your newborn close? That’s what babywearing is all about.

As a work-at-home mom (WAHM), I was fortunate I had the time to be with my kid. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have other tasks to attend to. I needed a solution where I could do simple chores without having to leave Kai in the room while he’s awake. When I found out more about babywearing, I was convinced that it’s what I wanted to do, especially when I learned about its benefits.

Top 5 Babywearing Benefits

1. Convenience

Wearing your baby using a wrap or sling frees up your hands so you can do use them to cook, clean and even type. This is one of the most important babywearing benefits. As mentioned in my previous post, I used Ergobaby baby wrap as my newborn baby carrier that time. The wrap also worked as a blanket and even a hammock for my little one. When you want to be discreet when breastfeeding, your wrap or sling can do that for you. And there’s the fact that you don’t have to worry about going up or down the stairs or walking through a crowded street as you do when you have a stroller.

Invest in a great newborn baby carrier

Babies can sleep easy, too. Being close to you, feeling your warmth and add to that the rocking motion from being worn lets your baby sleep peacefully.

2. Worn babies are smarter.

When you are wearing your baby, you are exposing him or her to your world and you’re getting them involved in your environment. This experience helps stimulate their nerves so they connect with other nerves, which will then help with brain growth and development. Whatever you do, your baby is observing and participating and this helps the brain store the experiences.

3. Babywearing equals happier babies.

A study published in the Pediatrics found that carrying newborns reduces crying by 51% and fussiness by 43%. I remember Kai wasn’t a fussy newborn. He cried less – he only cried when he needed to feed and when he’s sleepy.  It’s normal for your little one to cry but sometimes, it can be exhausting. Wearing your baby provides that security for your newborn since both of you are in close contact with each other. Babywearing will not spoil the baby, contrary to what most people would think. Instead, it will make baby feel comfortable with his/her surroundings.

There are several babywearing benefits that new moms need to understand.

4. Babywearing heals.

Babywearing lets you bond with your child and that way, you will know quickly what your baby needs. It also helps ease the burden moms have, especially when they have fallen into post-partum depression. Wearing your baby, especially if you have preemies, helps them heal faster with skin-to-skin contact.

5. Great way to bond with caregivers.

Moms are not the only ones who should babywear. Any caregiver can also practice wearing the baby. Fathers may not have the same level of physical contact with the child as mothers, who have been with the baby throughout the gestation period. But that doesn’t mean dad cannot start bonding. The same thing can be said for caregivers like your little one’s grandparents and babysitters.

Babywearing has been practiced in different parts of the world for centuries. Clearly, these benefits are being realized recently as more and more parents want to wear their kids. Do you wear your babies? Hit the comments section below.

Source: La Leche League International

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