My First Babywearing Experience: Are You Ready To Put On A Baby Carrier?


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Babywearing – never heard that word until I had Kai. I didn’t know it’s possible to “wear” your baby. The moment I started babywearing with my awesome baby carrier, I got hooked instantly. But just like most first-time moms, you can’t really be sure how to go about babywearing. (Read on to get a discount code for Ergobaby carriers)

First up, what is babywearing?

Babywearing is simply the process of keeping your little one close to you at all times while you do your thing. I know some parents would rather want their kid to be independent while they get to attend to chores at home. But when I discovered it was possible to be with your baby while your hands are free to do anything, I knew then I was going to do it.

I started my babywearing journey when Kai was just a couple of months old. I’d done research on the best baby carrier to use and I ended up using Ergobaby Ergowrap. I also joined a babywearing group (Babywearing Philippines) and I suggest you should too if you want to know more about the process and connect with moms who are into it as well. I used to think baby carriers only came with straps and clasps and a soft cushion for the little one but I realized there’s such a thing as a wrap.

So my aunt bought my Ergowrap newborn baby carrier as a gift for Php 4,999 ($99.98). That’s pretty expensive for a baby carrier but I didn’t have regrets and of course, I was grateful because it was put to such good use. It’s one of my favorite items as a mother, considering this family likes to go out.

Things were made easier when I had my Ergobaby newborn baby carrier.

Rocking the newborn baby wrap.

Babywearing dad!

The wrap is specially designed for newborns so they’ll fit in snugly on your body. As a WAHM, I found the product extremely useful since I have my two hands free while Kai goes around with me. I miss those times, honestly, because it felt really great feeling your baby’s face pressed on your skin most of the time. I’m into attachment parenting so yes, I love babywearing!

What I loved about Ergobaby newborn baby carrier/wrap

What I loved about Ergobaby newborn wrap is its material, made of thick durable stretch material so you can achieve the perfect fit on your body. Once you made the perfect tie, you can keep it that way all day without having to do it all over again. It also felt cool because of its moisture absorbent fabric type. I also like how it looks on me, even if I’m not wearing Kai. I won’t take it off unless we get home so it will be easier to get him back in. Even then, the look of having that wrap on your body makes me a proud momma.

I never had other baby carriers because I used Ergobaby’s newborn wrap until Kai was about a one year and a half. I never had to need baby carriers after that because once he learned how to walk, he wouldn’t want you carrying him.

Upon checking, Ergobaby no longer sells the newborn wrap. But if you’re into wraps instead of traditional carriers, I recommend you check out Saya Baby Carrier! It’s more affordable yet it’s an awesome product and many moms swear by it. Had I known earlier about Saya, I would’ve bought it as well.

What I didn’t like about Ergobaby Ergowrap

If there’s one thing I didn’t like about the wrap, it’s the fact that it’s a bit time-consuming to put on. Because it’s big and heavy, I would have a hard time prepping it, especially since I’m petite. There’s a lot of fabric to work with. I had a friend who I lent my wrap to and she’s tall; she said she didn’t have any problem working with the wrap.

It’s no biggie anyway, it was just a minor disadvantage. But overall, I really loved my Ergobaby newborn baby carrier. If you’d go for branded baby carriers, you might as well invest on Ergobaby, considering you’ll be using this for a couple of years. They have tons of baby carrier choices and you can find ones that have a lot of positive reviews. Check out their new Omni Baby Carrier, which works from week 1 to 36 months. And if you’ll go for it, you can get 10% off on your purchase, just enter the code jo8KbuYBBM (valid until 9/30/2017).

How’s your babywearing experience? Would love to hear all about it. Hit the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Abi Porter/Flickr]

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