Toddler Healthy Treats: Are Bell Peppers Good For My Toddler?


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Our toddler’s just full of surprises. Last night, while eating my homemade salsa, I fed a little piece of green bell pepper slice to Kai. I thought he was going to spit it out, but he ended up chewing it with delight and asking for more. Being the first-time mom that I am, I wasn’t sure if he’s ready for a bell pepper so I did some Googling and found that a lot of parents do let their toddlers eat bell peppers.

Maybe I didn’t know, I’m not surrounded by friends with kids who eat fruits and veggies. At least, I only know  of one – my old friend’s son – who enjoys vegetables and that’s because she and her siblings are fond of them. On the other hand, kids from my side of family are highly picky. My niece only eats squash and some malunggay and common fruits like orange, mango, and apple, while Kai’s big sister, Chelsea, doesn’t eat fruits or vegetables.

While I’m surprised Kai liked the bell pepper, I kind of expected it a bit considering he’s never been the picky eater. So far, he likes green beans, cucumber, carrots, potatoes, squash and malunggay – some of the vegetables commonly served here at home, and fruits too (although I am very certain he doesn’t like papaya).

So turns out, bell pepper is very good for your toddler and I’m glad that Kai has come to like another fruit that’s packed with nutrients. Green bell peppers are excellent sources of fiber, which is great for your toddler’s digestive health.  They are also packed with vitamin C to keep your little one’s immune system strong. Those are just a few of the many benefits of bell peppers.

Keep in mind that this vegetable should be given when your kid is already a year old or older. You can either give them raw (making sure that you’ve washed it thoroughly) or have them cooked, with the latter being recommended for kids with fewer teeth. Kai now has a lot of teeth so he enjoys munching it raw.

Source: Foodie Crush
Source: Foodie Crush

Not sure how to prepare bell peppers as snacks for your little one? You can get creative with fruits and vegetables for your kids to make sure that they have fun eating it. I’d like to end here by sharing this simple recipe from FoodieCrush – Baked Egg in Stuffed Peppers. It looks yum, I might try to pull it off one day.

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