14 Best Christmas Movies Kids Shouldn’t Miss


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It’s that merry time of the year when the days are filled with holiday good cheer. One of the best ways to spend the holidays with your family is to curl up in bed or gather together in the room and watch Christmas movies with your kids. I’m done with the Halloween movie list with kids and now we’re moving on to Christmas!

While there are different Christmas movie list on the Internet, I’ve round up some of our not-so Classic to modern favorites. Some of the best Christmas movies are from the 40’s or even 80’s but we’re skipping that here. This is also a movie list suitable for kids under 10 years old.

#1. Polar Express (2004)

This animated Christmas movie tells a story of a young boy who goes on a magical journey on the Polar Express. The mystical train is bound for the North Pole. Along the journey, the young boy learns great things like the value of friendship and the real meaning of Christmas. This is the movie you need to watch with your kids if you want them to learn good lessons in life that they can keep for life.

#2. Jack Frost (1998)

My personal favorite! And it never fails to bring out the tears from my eyes. Michael Keaton plays as a rock band lead singer who is torn between making time for his music career and his family. One night, he got into a car accident after realizing that he needed to be with his family. He came back to life in the form of a snowman and reconnects with the son he left behind.

#3. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

A list of belive-actions movies is not complete without the Grinch in it. The live action version of Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, starring Jim Carrey, is a must-watch for every kid. The movie can share the message of what Christmas is – that it’s more than just presents and fancy decor.

#4. A Christmas Carol (2009)

This modern adaptation of the Charles Dickens story stars Jim Carrey as Scrooge, the moneylender who doesn’t find Christmas as something to be happy and excited about. He was then visited by three ghosts who will guide him out of his miserable life.

#5. Home Alone (1990)

The Home Alone movie series is easily a favorite and also among the best Christmas movies to watch with your kids. It’s funny and it’s filled with adventure and drama. It’s the hub’s personal favorite. Going for a Home Alone movie marathon for the holiday with your family would be a great idea.


#6. Frozen (2013)

Because, why not? It’s set in winter and there’s the snowman Olaf! It’s 2013’s Academy Award-winning Disney animated film. There are just tons of reasons to love this movie.

#7. Arthur Christmas (2011)

When you imagine Santa Clause and his elves in the North Pole, getting busy with the toy factory, then you’ll be surprised that Arthur Christmas brings something more different. Santa is aboard an invisible airship, and checking for “naughty or nice” kids is done with the use of a scanning device.

#8. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington’s movie was included in my Halloween list and it should be included in the Christmas list as well.

#9. Elf (2003)

Will Ferrell stars as a man raised by an elf who later on realized that his parents are human. From the North Pole, he went to New York and learn more about humans, as well as his origins.

#10. The Santa Clause

Another movie series you want to watch with your kids. Tim Allen stars in the movie as Scott, a divorced father. Together with his son, Charlie, they discovered Santa on their roof, who then fell off after being startled. Santa left his suit behind and when Scott put on the suit, it meant he accepted the role of the big fat, bearded guy on Christmas.

#11. All I Want for Christmas (1994)

When Hallie (Thora Birch) saw Santa Clause, she asked him what she really wanted for Christmas: her parents to be back together again. She and her brother Ethan (Ethan Randall) embarked on an adventure just to achieve their goal.

#12. Miracle on 34th Street (1994 Remake)

This ’94 remake is based on the 1947 classic Christmas movie of the same title. This heartwarming movie brings us Kris Kringle, the department store Santa who made doubtful six-year-old Susan believe in Santa Claus.  This one is something you definitely shouldn’t miss!

#13. The Star

#14. Trolls Holiday

What are your thoughts? Are there other Christmas movies you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. This is a great list and I agree with every single one! My daughter is only 7 months, but she will be seeing these in the future!

  2. Hey it’s a great list, all the movies mentioned here are my favorites, my daughter is a huge fan of Frozen, winter does not start officially till frozen is screened in our house.

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