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Big Bad Wolf Cebu 2018 Preview Day Review




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I’m not one to go with the hype of a big sale, but when it comes to books it’s something I cannot pass up. I’ve been looking forward to July 12 – Big Bad Wolf’s (BBW) preview day. I’ve never heard of this biggest baddest booksale event in Asia until last year when people in Manila were raving about it. Fortunately, this year, BBW came to Cebu and I was one of the lucky ones (or so I thought) to get a preview pass for July 12 – perfect timing for my birthday week.

I’m not much of a bookworm. I don’t claim to be one who can finish an ultra-thick book in a day or two. But I enjoy reading and when I do have time, I read. Between cosmetics and books, I’d very much prefer spending money on the latter. And when I saw updates from BBW’s Facebook page about how insanely low the book prices can get, I knew I had to be present at the big sale located at the IC3 Convention Center, Mabolo which runs until July 23.

Big Bad Wolf book sale offers as much as 80% off on brand new books. There’s a wide selection of books from bestsellers – whatever you need, BBW has got it at such low prices.

I was excited to have scored a preview pass. After all, winners get to be at the warehouse first before everyone else. But it turns out to be just a marketing ruse (no surprise in there). But come on, preview passes are supposed to make you feel special, like a VIP, to be granted an opportunity to get first dibs on the products. But that didn’t happen during Big Bad Wolf’s Preview Day and I know many were disappointed.

What Went Wrong On Big Bad Wolf Cebu 2018’s Preview Day?

There are a couple of major things that made preview day disappointing for many customers. First, the queue was that bad. Filipinos are known to suck at following lines that they end up cutting in. Who wouldn’t find that annoying? A mom blogger told me that her friend told her to just line up somewhere — just like that, without considering that people were following a queue. A staff member was given the task of holding up a sign that says “Queue Starts Here.” Apparently, that didn’t work because there are people who made their own rules and formed their own lines. Typical really, and that’s one thing that’s shameful about Pinoys, I have to admit.

I spent about 1.5 to 2 hours focusing only on the Children’s Books section. But the line to the cashier was so long, I spent 4 hours waiting to get there. It was a good thing I had a friend with me so I wouldn’t be bored waiting. That wasn’t the serious problem with lines, though. It happened when we were already nearing the cashier. Staff didn’t know how to handle long lines. When a cashier was free to serve, the staff took people all the way from the back of the line to go to that open terminal, instead of actually getting those people lining in front. Appalling experience, eh? So yeah, much of my time spent on Preview Day was lining up.

As mentioned, I (along with other people I know) also believe BBW gave too many preview passes. Maybe it was just a marketing strategy. Whatever it was, it worked –  a lot of people did show up. In fact, there are too many of them that it’s hardly a special treatment for pass holders.

What’s Great About BBW?

While the system on Preview Day wasn’t that impressive, I have to say BBW is still a great event – perfect for bookworms and certainly one that shouldn’t be missed. Good thing that there aren’t many people in the following days, I was told so it’s a great time to head to the booksale event. Did I say that books are priced at astonishingly low prices? Most of the sale events in the city blab about 50-80% discount off but you never really feel it. But with BBW, you feel like you have to grab all the books and throw ’em into the cart because they’re soooo cheap!

Tips to Enjoy BBW Bookshopping

So yes, even if preview day wasn’t such a pleasant experience, you still need to head there to get the books you need, especially if you and your kids make reading an opportunity to bond. There’s just a great selection of everything – nonfiction, fiction, graphic novels, children’s books, classics and more! To enjoy shopping, here are a few tips:

  1. Bring a large bag/eco bag/backpack/travel bag – any big space to put your books in – that is if you plan on buying more than 10 books! Yas! Save on plastic, bring your own bag.
  2. Bring a friend with you, just in case you need to wait on long lines. A friend can line up for you and you can take turns. You will also have someone to talk to as you do your search.
  3. Spend 2-4 hours shopping for books. Take your time.
  4. Go to Big Bad Wolf’s book sale on a full stomach. Food and drinks are not allowed inside.

I think that’s pretty much it. Big Bad Wolf sale is located at IC3 Convention Center in Mabolo, beside Lander’s Superstore Cebu. The’yre open 24 hours a day until July 23. You still got time. Here’s hoping they’ll extend the sale. Ha-Ha! I’ll be sharing my finds from the event in my next blog post. Stay tuned!


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