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Birthday Weekend Recap – Staycation At Bai Hotel Cebu




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This post is long overdue and has been on draft for a week. I should’ve published this last last Sunday but I never really had the time. I had a hangover from our wonderful staycation at Bai Hotel Cebu over the weekend. I’m squeezing this blog post in my pile of things to do that’s work-related because if I wait any longer, I may not be able to make this post ever.

But anyway, over the weekend, we did some unplugging(ish) time for my birthday. Oh yeah, hello 30! Unplugging for us usually means we’re off our computers but not totally from our mobile phone (singular because the man and I share a phone, we don’t really care much about smartphones lol) If we really go off-grid, which is rare, then I think that would be super awesome.

We booked an overnight stay at a fairly new world-class hotel in Cebu, specifically in Mandaue City, which is Bai Hotel. This booking was supposed to be for our 10th anniversary last month but the date was no longer available so we chose my birthday instead. Initially, we didn’t like the idea of a staycation because for us, an ideal vacation or break from everything would be somewhere far, at least three to four hours away from home, or in one of these beautiful Cebu beaches on my list.

But once we settled in our room after a breezy and easy check-in, we decided this won’t be so bad. That’s an understatement. We had an awesome time at Bai Hotel even if it’s just for one night. We wished we could’ve stayed longer but reality check – the budget and schedule don’t permit.

Our room offered a view of the intersection in Mandaue where Parkmall is located. At night, the city lights and car headlights illuminate the streets – a view we rarely get to see. When my boss asked about my weekend and what the highlight of my staycation at Bai Hotel was, I simply answered getting a beautiful view of the city and doing less.

Look! These guys tagged along!
Great view!

For a change, we chose to have a comfortable, luxurious stay rather than a great wild adventure out in nature. After checking in, we took a nap and ended up sleeping the whole afternoon. Ivan hadn’t had his sleep that time. It was straight to the hotel from work for him so it was important for him to get some rest before heading out for our dinner.

We had contemplated where to eat, almost choosing Buffet 101 (again) to enjoy a variety of foreign cuisine. We had searched for other fancy restaurants to go to, something we only do for very special occasions. But I decided I didn’t want anything TOO fancy – as if a staycation at Bai Hotel wasn’t fancy enough for us. I knew, however, what my taste buds wanted — fresh veggies and Asian cuisine and Ivan just knew where to take me.

We ended up dining at Phat Pho and man, it was the best choice and I’m glad we went there! This Vietnamese kitchen in Cebu is located at Crossroads, Banilad but there are other branches in the city as well. [EDIT: I decided to write a separate blog post about our dinner at Phat Pho Cebu. Check it out here!]

After our dinner, we went back to the hotel and continued to rest. Kai was clearly sleepy judging by his hyperactive state. We didn’t do much that day except rest and eat well. It was a great birthday.

The following day, we had our breakfast – a breakfast buffet actually. Who needs a buffet for breakfast, I thought. All you can eat for breakfast. Personally, I thought that was too much. Too many choices for breakfast for my not-so-hungry-in-the-morning stomach. We usually take light meals during breakfast but Bai Hotel offered more for guests. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I just thought it was sooo awesome!

Lovely breakfast at Cafe Bai
Breakfast buffet at Cafe Bai

After breakfast, we went to look for the kids’ room. Ivan told me that they had one, but unfortunately, it’s not ready yet. There is, however, a gym for hotel guests as well as other amenities. We then headed out to the pool – Kai’s most awaited part of the weekend. The pool and bar were located on the 21st floor and yes, it gives you a great view of the city.

The wind was blowing hard that day and it was cold, but that didn’t stop our little monster from taking a dip. We spent an hour in the pool before heading back to the room to pack our things.

I didn’t have a lot of Instagram-worthy photos and that’s because I don’t really like taking photos of EVERYTHING I do. What’s important though is that we had a grand time and we’re pretty sure Kai loved it. He almost didn’t want to leave because he liked staying in the hotel room. Can’t blame him. Bai Hotel Cebu deserves the world-class title. If you decide to book your stay at this hotel, you won’t regret it.


  1. That pool and that view == love!!! Glad you and your family had a good time. I am the same way and have a hard time remembering to get good photos of special outings and such!

  2. Wow..such a beautiful birthday weekend getaway! The swimming pool looks awesome. Happy 30th birthday to you.

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