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I realize now that there’s truth to what most parents say about their children – that they grow up so fast. They really do. It’s not like I’ve missed a lot of moments with Kai. I even feel lucky having kept a stable homebased job that pays the bills. It lets me be with my little boy 24/7. While most parents would like to get away sometimes and spend time with themselves, it seems that I don’t want that. I only want to be with my little boy.

I saw him grow up from being just a tiny baby to a heavier toddler. His whole body used to fit in my arms and it was easier to carry. Now it isn’t. Still, I like to cuddle with him and I enjoy our silent bond during breastfeeding. He used to just coo and babble, but now he goes yadda-yadda, most of the time uttering the most heartwarming word “Mommy” in his sweetest, softest voice. That’s definitely music to my ears.

He used to just lie flat on his stomach during tummy time and look around, never knowing what to do. Now, he runs around the house and can’t keep still. It’s hard to contain him. Then I look back to the infant days and how I wish I could relive them all. Not that I think it’s easier back then but because now, even at barely two years old, I start to dread that someday soon, he will no longer need me. All I will have will be precious memories from when he was still a baby and I was his world.

Since, I somewhat have poor memory, the best way to capture them and make sure I won’t forget the big adventures we have with Kai as parents and the little moments within our home is to blog about it. I also thought it would be cool to blog about our travels as a little family. We just want to bring Kai into a world of adventure. We’re nowhere close to being avid travelers, but as much as possible, I want to document Kai’s out-of-town trips.

I had a WordPress blog before this, but I scrapped it and transferred to Blogger, so I will be posting the previous travels we had. Expect that for the coming weeks or months, there’s going to be more throwback posts.

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