Unplanned Boating Trip Early In The Morning With Our Toddler 


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It’s been awhile since my last post. This blogging thing for me is really challenging, especially with a toddler and three other writing gigs to think about. 

But finally, I have this little amount of time today to share about our early morning boating trip.

We like to call it Cordova River Cruise. LOL. No, it’s not an official term.

We picked up the little guy while he was still asleep.

Look at that face. Someone’s still sleepy. But when we told him that we’re going to ride a boat, he got a bit excites. Mostly sleepy. 

Its just a 5-minute drive from our place and it’s not really an official thing. We just asked someone to take us to the end of the river and pay some money. We had thought of this for a while now but never really had the chance to act on it, until today.

We just decided, “Let’s go!”

This is the man who accepted our offer.


















Thanks to Mr. Marwan (sp?) from Ozamis, we get to have our little boat trip together. And we also got a tip that he can sell cheaper fresh caught fish and crabs. We’re looking forward to that day. We already arranged for him to be our go-to guy for fresh seafood.

Heartbreaking scene.

Passed by a portion of the river where plastic and trash get caught in those thorny plants in the water. According to Marwan, this river used to be clean but when the nearby market was erected, plastics started to pollute the waters.


This guy.

Kai wasn’t scared one bit. He was just quietly observing everything.

Boating along the river in Cordova Lapu-Lapu

I, on the other hand, had a frightening moment when the boat almost capsized. That was funny, now that I think of it. The water’s not deep so it’s fine, but still, it would be a disaster if we didn’t react fast. Hahaha!

So what’s at the end of the river?

The open sea! From where we stopped, we saw the spot where 10,000 Roses cafe is. And of course, this:

A view of SM Seaside’s tower.

Not a good quality there, but take my word, it’s SM Seaside’s Tower.  😀

Smile as if the boat didn’t almost capsize.

That was a fun boat trip. We finally found out what was at the end of this river. It’s wonderful that that portion was clean. Maybe next time, someone would go for a dip. Who knows?