Bohol Trip With Kids: Budget Family Tour Without Planning Too Much


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It took a while for me to write this down and now I finally (FINALLY!) have the time, let’s talk about November 2016 when we had a Bohol trip with kids. My partner and I love traveling and when we do, we really don’t do a lot of heavy planning. We pack the bags and just go. Well, we’ve never traveled outside of the Philippines, other than to Kota Kinabalu so we haven’t done a real itinerary.

We did have an epic motorcycle trip from Cebu to Baguio – pre-Kai days of course – and that didn’t involve much planning days before the trip either. So basically, we’re the kind who doesn’t organize trips – we just go, it doesn’t matter how, as long as we get to the destination in one piece. What about the budget? We choose places to dine in and places to stay based on what we feel are within our budget and what we consider are affordable.

To start off with our budget family tour to Bohol, we took Oceanjet ferries, which offer a promo ticket all year long. You can check out their website for more information. We were supposed to take the air-conditioned room, but seats were sold out so we had to get the open-air accommodation.

Traveling to Bohol with kids

Docked at Port of Tagbilaran. It was a gloomy day.

Rent cars in Bohol for smoother and convenient family trip

Our Bohol trip with kids was a post-birthday celebration for Kai. We knew then that we had to make the kids as comfortable as possible throughout the trip. So we rented a sedan and I remember Ivan booking the rental a day before the trip. I also remember telling him we should have booked earlier because there were a lot of tourists renting cars. But eventually, he found one. Just an advice: if you are not the spontaneous kind of traveler, might as well book a week before.

So here’s a tip: We contacted a woman named Rebecca and she was nice. If you want her number, leave a comment below. Most car rentals in Bohol cost at least P2000, but Ivan found this affordable car rental business. We got a brand-new Hyundai Accent for our trip.

After getting the keys from the rental shop owner, we drove straight and never stopped on the way. That’s because the kids were asleep and we just really wanted to get to our ultimate destination straight away – to the beach, and also give time for the kids to sleep in the car.

Making stops along the way

Before heading to the town of Panglao, where you can find the gorgeous white sand beaches, we made sure the kids experienced the Loboc River Cruise. We made a quick stop at this small animal park, called XZootic Animal Park, on the way to the cruise. I’m not a big fan of this so-called animal park, but took the kids to see the huge albino python there and bought matching shirts for Kai and older sis Chelsea.

After filling our tummies with food from the river cruise/floating restaurant, we drove through the manmade forest. You usually pass this route when going to the famous Chocolate Hills.


I have to say the manmade forest is one of my favorite places in Bohol as it has this creepy yet captivating vibe.  Apparently, Chelsea loved it too. Kai, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. HAHAHA

The Hyundai Accent we used during our trip.


Manmade forest in Bohol.



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