Bohol Trip With Kids: Budget Family Tour Without Planning Too Much


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Bohol tarsiers, coconuts and Chocolate hills!

Visiting Bohol wouldn’t be complete without experiencing nature and that’s what we wanted for the kids. We wanted them to see the cute, cuddly but endangered species, the tarsier. We visited this tarsier reserve, which lets tourists hike around to see the animal up-close. Kai was amused but we told him to keep quiet since tarsiers are startled by noise. Thankfully, the little one wasn’t blabbing. We paid PHP 50.00/pax for the entrance fee. Here’s a photo of the little guy up-close:

After completing the hike and exiting the reserve, we headed to the coconut vendor just outside for some fresh coconut juice. For P50 each, we enjoyed eating coconut meat and drinking its fresh, sweet juice. It was a huge-ass coconut, we couldn’t finish it. We initially thought we could, but it seemed as if the juice won’t run out.

We went back to the car so we could already go to the famous Chocolate Hills. Kai was obviously sleepy but he’s just fighting back. You can see in the pictures below. We also had to go up a flight of stairs to reach the top and get a gorgeous view of the hill. We paid P50/each for the entrance.

A view of the Chocolate Hills from inside the car.

That’s it for the first day of our trip to Bohol with kids. The last stop was Chocolate Hills and when we got in the car, Kai is pretty much knocked out asleep. We got ourselves ready for the one-hour drive to Panglao! We were excited about the beach, especially the kids!

To be continued…

Check out the next post, when in Panglao. It’s exciting because the last time we went to the beach, which was in Bantayan, Kai was kind of scared of the waters. But when we were in Panglao, we were surprised as he loved getting in the water and playing in the sand.


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