Breastfeeding Supplies: 8 Things To Have Around When You’re A Milk-Making Momma


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Breastfeeding is natural for mothers, but not all moms are blessed with abundant milk supply. That said, breastfeeding becomes a burden – trust me, it was, the first few weeks when my milk supply was low. You could be one of the lucky moms who started breastfeeding without any problems. On the other hand, you could also be one of those frustrated moms who think that nothing’s going right.

If you belong to the latter, fret not because there are breastfeeding supplies always available to make things a lot easier.

Here are 8 essential breastfeeding supplies you might need to have around as a milk-making momma.

#1. Breast Pumps

Medela is one of the best breastfeeding supplies you can have.

Breast pumps may or may not be necessary for all moms. As explained in my previous post, I never needed a breast pump, although I bought one, thinking I will depend on it. If you’re committed to direct latching and exclusive breastfeeding, you won’t need to pump. I am a SAHM/WAHM, so I am home most of the time so Kai would just latch anytime he wants. There are times when you need to express your milk to avoid being engorged but you can just do that with your hands.

If you’re a working mom or even a SAHM who prefers mixed feeding and still wants to maintain your milk supply, then breast pumps are very handy. I’ve read a lot of stories of working moms on Breastfeeding Pinays who managed to continue producing milk even if they have 9 to 5 jobs. I can’t recommend a good breast pump because I never used one but many of the moms from forums swear by Medela brands, particularly the double-electric breast pump – it’s portable and it’s great for daily use. It’s got five stars from Amazon and mostly positive reviews from moms.

#2. Breast pads (nursing pads)

Breastfeeding supplies make it easier for moms on their milk-making journey.

When you breastfeed, you’ll become leaky at some point when the supply exceeds the demands.You don’t want to walk around in public with a wet shirt, especially on the chest area. Getting a wet shirt is one of the things to expect from being a milk-making momma. For that, you should have nursing pads around and they’ll become your “breastfriend”. To put it simply, they work like sanitary pads for your periods – only you’ll put them inside your bra. You can find these breastfeeding supplies in any baby section in a store.

#3. Milk storage bags

When you visit Breastfeeding Pinays group page, you can see a lot of moms post pictures of their incredible milk stash and you’ll be in awe at how amazing the human body is. Milk storage bags are very helpful if you want to build a milk stash in your fridge. Keeping, storing and distributing milk all take time to master.

#4. Nipple cream


Expect that breastfeeding will be extremely painful at first, which is why you might need to have a nipple cream. It helps soothe the nipple area after latching. I highly recommend Medela Purelan, which I got from a friend. It’s safe for babies, if you’re worried about your little one ingesting the cream. And most importantly, it does reduce the pain on your nipples.

#5. Nursing cover or poncho

Milkmaid Goods

My favorite! This is highly useful if you’re shy about breastfeeding in public. I can just feed Kai in peace whenever we go out to the mall. He’s not even bothered by it. The nursing covers are made from different types of fabric, but I went for the soft, rayon spandex type. They also come in a variety of beautiful designs, it’s hard to pick one.

#6. Nursing clothes


When you’re breastfeeding, you just have to have comfortable, easy-access nursing wear. You’ll most likely prefer wearing buttoned shirts, or plunging necklines to avoid pulling up your shirt and exposing skin on your tummy – that is if you have a problem with that. I went for stretchable tops so it would be easy to pull them down when it’s feeding time. Then of course, if you want to become more stylish, there’s always chic nursing apparel available. You can find many elegant nursing clothes from Elin. Visit their site and you’ll drool over the gorgeous nursing collection.

Need fashionable ideas when breastfeeding? Check out this post.

#7. Disposable Dropper

Yes, this small item can be one of the useful breastfeeding supplies especially during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Our pediatrician advised against the use of artificial nipples from bottles if I wanted to take a break from direct latching.  This is to avoid nipple confusion – when your little one will no longer take your nipple because he or she got used to the plastic one from the bottle.

#8. Nursing pillow

Did I say breastfeeding is painful over and over? Yes, it is and your back can hurt big time. You’ll have that heavy feeling. Give yourself a rest and nurse with a pillow for a more comfortable position. There are different pillow brands out there but you might want to check out Ergobaby nursing pillow. A lot of mommies swear by Ergobaby products. I am also one of those who used their product and I must say it didn’t disappoint.

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