DIY Joker Halloween Costume for Kids

Kai's got the smile and the hair!

Easy Egg Roll Recipes – Perfect Kids’ Baon Ideas

Egg rolls can be perfect baon ideas for your kids. Here's a list of super easy egg roll recipes moms should try and kids will love.

Easy Shakshuka Recipe – Must-Try Quick Breakfast Meal

I have never heard of a shakshuka in my life before and I didn't know how easy shakshuka recipe can be. I just saw a video on my feed one day and...

DIY Thor Costume For Halloween

This year's Halloween, Kai wore a DIY Thor costume to school, which bagged an award! Yay!

Selling My Creations

I've finally decided to start selling my creations. My client inspired me to do so. You see, she's been complimenting my graphics and I thought to myself, why not make money out of it?...

Buckeye Candy (a.k.a. Peanut Butter Balls) Recipe: Easy No-Bake Dessert!

I'm a sweet-tooth. I enjoy eating desserts and I wish I could make all those lovely sweet treats I see on Pinterest. But because I try to avoid anything that uses measuring cups and...

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