Homemade Munchkins Recipe – Easy No-Bake Desserts For Kids

The no-bake homemade munchkins recipe was a big part of my childhood and what I remember most about it is that it's a popular treat that students would sell to their classmates....

DIY Slime With Borax – Is It Safe For Kids?

There was a time when my eight-year-old niece was raving about this DIY slime and how to make it, or how she's been pressing my sister to buy the needed materials. She saw it...

Ginataang Kalabasa With Fish Recipe (Squash in Coconut Cream)

Want a delicious recipe? Try this ginataang kalabasa with fish!

Easy Maja Blanca Recipe For First-Time Moms To Learn

Maja Blanca. This is probably my hated or least liked dessert commonly served in Filipino restaurants or buffet. Although I love corn, I just don't like the taste of maja blanca. But I...

DIY Thor Costume For Halloween

This year's Halloween, Kai wore a DIY Thor costume to school, which bagged an award! Yay!

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