DIY Joker Halloween Costume for Kids

Kai's got the smile and the hair!

DIY Thor Costume For Halloween

This year's Halloween, Kai wore a DIY Thor costume to school, which bagged an award! Yay!

DIY No-Sew Fabric Book and Journal Cover

I actually made a journal cover without sewing! Yes, I actually have a journal now and it's early on in January. So I think there are only about three or four people who know...

10 Easy, Creative & Cheap Gift Wrapping Ideas

This post is fully updated: Oct. 28, 2020It's almost that time of the year when we need to share gifts with people we truly care about. But with what's currently happening, a.k.a. Covid crisis, gift-giving...

Keeping Toddlers Busy: 10 Fun And Simple Activities For Little Hands

Parents know so well that a toddler has this level of energy like no other. Keeping toddlers busy can be a real challenge if you need to get things done at home. My friend...

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