SM City Cebu Playhouses To Visit

Want your kid to have fun? Why not bring him to an SM City Cebu playhouse? Here are the 3 major indoor playgrounds in this mall.

The Lion King 2019: Kai’s First-Ever Movie Theater Experience

It's an exciting weekend. Apart from my birthday, Kai watched his first-ever movie in the big screen - The Lion King! We never thought we'd survive.

How To Teach Your Preschooler To Read

The love for reading can start at an early age. Here are some tips on how you can teach your preschooler to read at home.

5 Things I Learned When I Tried Potty Training My Kid

If I had struggles in potty training my kid I'm pretty sure other parents also do. Parents shouldn't beat themselves over it - is what I've learned.

Can I Renew My PRC License Without CPD Units? YES!

Update 5/11/19: I have been busy so I haven't had the chance to give an update. A good one, actually because PRC has reduced the number of CPD units required to renew...

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For the Stationery Addict

Stationery addicts are somehow the easiest people to please when it comes to gifts. I know because I am one. Ha! I'm a mother and a stationery addict and I know a...

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