Dad Photoshops Daughter Into Dangerous Situations To Frighten Her Grandma

When you have photoshop skills, you can do most anything. If you’re a dad with awesome photoshop skills, you’d scare your mother to death – especially when it involves putting her granddaughter in dangerous...

6 Staycation Essentials This Cebu Mom Can’t Go Without

It's my birthday weekend and we've decided to go off-grid (ish) to somewhere not really far away. Off-grid, meaning staying away from our computers and laptops. For my birthday, we decided to have...

Birthday Dinner With The Family AT Phat Pho Cebu

Late! Late post again. My 30th birthday was 2 weeks ago and I've never had the time to make several post-birthday blog posts because busy mom here! :D So yes, I know I've mentioned...

Santa Fe, Bantayan Island with Family: Travel Guide

Bantayan Island in Cebu is a perfect family destination with kids this summer. Here's a travel guide on how to enjoy your stay in Bantayan.

10 Tips to Save Money When Gift Shopping For Christmas

I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet but I want to share these tips on how to save money when gift shopping with you so you won't go crazy on gifts this year.

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