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I was excited about the trip to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, the new must-see attraction in Carmen, Cebu. Excited because I’ve read about how it will be very much different from the animal park/zoos we have in the country since it aims to have an international standard.  Indeed, it didn’t disappoint.

I’ve been wanting to take Kai to this animal park because the kid (and us adults) obviously enjoys seeing beautiful creatures. He was amazed the first time he saw animals that cannot be found in the country (honestly, the only animals we have around that we can regularly see are dogs, cats, cows, goats, chickens, and birds) that time we visited Singapore Zoo. And I just realized I didn’t blog much about our visit to Singapore. Boo!

The park was still on its soft-opening. It has been like that since early this year. But we finally decided to visit it once and for all before rates will go up higher. The park construction is not fully complete and you can see it once you get there. It will be turned into more than just an animal park but also a theme park with rides. It’s good to see skinny animals not put in small cages, unlike those that you see in the capital, Manila Zoo (big shame!)

How to get to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park?

From the island of Mactan, it took us about two and a half hours to drive to the hilly area. But that was because we passed by road constructions that held up traffic. If not, we would’ve arrived maybe two hours and 15-30 minutes.

Basically, you just take the National Road until you arrive in Carmen. Look out for Carmen National High School and turn left if you’re coming from the south, and right if coming from the north. There are signs placed so you wouldn’t miss it. There’s also a shuttle service along the way, and you won’t miss that as well.

Once you’ve turned left, it will be a straight, uphill 8-kilometer drive to get to park area.

<<Check this page out if you wish to have a tour around Cebu, including Cebu Safari and Adventure Park>>

Getting your tickets

We had agreed to visit Cebu Safari and Adventure Park as part of a family routine we wish to keep. We had agreed to spend the weekends going on a trip. We had thought about going back to Camotes for the weekend, but we’ve never been to the park. Overall, the idea is to spend an awesome getaway every weekend or other weekend.

We visited the park on Sunday but made the reservation on Friday. The park only opens from Wednesdays to Sundays, and on holidays. You need to reserve tickets online but buying on the spot as walk-in guests is also acceptable, except that you can never be sure if the park will be full on the particular day of your visit. So it’s best to reserve ahead. Just email for your ticket reservations.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park Ticket Rates

As of this writing, the ticket costs Php 800 (around $15.22) for adults. Kids two to three feet below have a 50% discount while children below 2 ft. are free of charge. So yeah, our boy is now 3 ft and a couple of inches so he was charged for full. No more perks of traveling with a toddler. (Pft!) Senior citizen and PWD discounts are applicable.

What to Expect From Cebu Safari Carmen

For a Philippine animal park just two to three hours from the metro, I have to say Lhullier did an impressive job. Let’s be honest here fellow Cebuanos, Cebu Zoo isn’t something to be proud of considering the living conditions of animals there. But the safari is something refreshing since you get to see animals placed in larger enclosures – large enough for them to roam around and stretch. Honestly, we got a Singapore Zoo vibe the moment we stepped inside the park area – the look and the feel, although the animals in Singapore are placed in a much larger enclosure.

Here’s a colorful map of what you will see during your tour around Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is the latest tourist attraction in Carmen, Cebu
Official Cebu Safari Site

Park staff

The staff is very friendly — all of them! You can’t encounter someone who frowns — something we see a lot in various establishments. They’re so friendly, all smiles, courteous, very helpful and accommodating.


With the Php 800 you pay, you get a free lunch meal served exactly at 11 a.m. at four different pavilions. You can’t bring in food from outside because they have their own restaurants. I spotted Auntie Annie’s there so yeah! It’s awesome.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park located in Carmen, Cebu is a great place to learn about animals

Lunch meal served that day composed of one slice of pork humba, one piece fried chicken, pancit, eggplant omelet, cucumber and banana blossom salads for appetizers and a small block of leche flan. For drinks, we were served free water. Other customers were served iced tea in the other pavilions. 

This right here, made my mouth water when I tasted it.

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park offers lunch buffet at Php 300

Now, this, I have to highlight — the Banana Blossom salad served at lunch. I’d seen this food around but I always thought it looks crap. Honestly, no offense, but it’s really what’s inside my head. But once I tasted it, man, my eyes widened. I’ve been looking for this taste for so long. It’s the taste of ginataang langka or Young Jackfruit in Coconut Milk – which btw, is my favorite. The thing is, I haven’t tasted that appetizer in a long time, or if I had, it’s not the classic taste that you’ve always loved. But that time, I was able to eat it and it was oh so tasty, just the way I like it. I don’t have any appetite for food today. I just wanted that jackfruit dish. I might make it one day. <Check out this recipe!>


Yes! Cebu Safari and Adventure Park is a wonderful place for the family. It’s a great way to bond during the weekend. You’ll enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures, which we only get to see on TV, and learn more about them.

Check out some of the photos from Cebu Safari Carmen below!

As of July 2018,

  • The P800 entrance fee no longer includes the free lunch buffet, but that fee is already inclusive of the short Savannah Tour and the Birds Show.
  • Lunch buffet is available at P300 and rice meals starting at P99.

This post was last updated on May 11, 2019

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