Celebrating 33 – Where’s my birthday greeting?


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The day is about to end. I just celebrated my 33th, but we’re keeping it low-key – as we always have. Well, it’s a lot more low-key this year – with no guests, not even relatives.

With all the house renovation going on and how my birthday falls on a hump day (I assumed everyone is busy, because they always are), I decided not to celebrate and just mreh! But Ivan insisted we do a little something. Normally, we’d go somewhere – maybe stay in a hotel, go on a road trip, eat out. But we had none of that this year. I just don’t want to celebrate when there’s a lot of things going on.

Still, we did a little something but I said I didn’t want to do all the cooking. So I ordered food from my friends. Ordered a pan of lasagna, which turned into two pans of lasagna because she gave the other one as a gift. I also wanted chicken lollipop and although it wasn’t on the menu, she cooked it for me. Thank you Daniella of D’ Dining Table! It means so much to me.

And then ordered cookies from another friend, who gave me an extra box of 6 cookies as a gift. Oh and her cookies are heavenly, I decided not to share! Haha! Thank you Joan of Valerie the Bakester.

And I roasted some beef brisket, which didn’t turn out so well because I didn’t pay attention to it. But the cranberry sauce made up for it. It’s edible and it tastes good, just not tender HAHA!

So, it was a quiet dinner for us. There’s cake! I bought cake but haven’t even touched it. From the gym, we got home and straight to work. It’s the middle of the week it’s hard to plan something.

Honestly, it’s a mreh birthday, I didn’t care so much but I did care that I didn’t receive a greeting from my Dad. Normally, he would send me an email but not this year. And who knows what happened to him. It’s a long story but I would just dismiss it as him being himself (trust me, no one understands him but I do, HAHA).

I admit this made me feel kinda sad, but despite all that, I still choose to be grateful because there’s a lot to be grateful for. And I would just like to share them…

  • Well, first I have to be grateful for being alive and for being able to celebrate 33 with good health (although I wasn’t able to give my Muay Thai coach 33 kicks). No 33 kicks, but able to give 2 sets of 33 squats with press instead without dying HAHAHA!
  • My little family, my sweet boy who’s been a good boy because it’s my birthday. I can see the effort of making sure I don’t get mad haha. My sweet bonus daughter who sent me a touching birthday greeting over messenger. My darling partner in life, who may have annoyed me big time on my day but insisted I celebrate it because I deserve it.
  • One of my clients who sent over a birthday bonus.
  • Friends who know how to cook and gave food as a gift
  • My mom who gave me a hug
  • and the good news that a client sent in another illustration request – more coloring pages about serial killers. Woot! I thought I lost this project but I was wrong.
  • All the wonderful people in my life. You know who you are.

Thirty-three years of existence. Happy to be here. Life has been good. Despite some emo days, I couldn’t complain. I’ve got what I need.

Happy birthday to me.