Celebrating Your Anniversary With Kids – Kai’s Second Time In Camotes


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June 28, 2017 — It’s Kai’s second time to be in Santiago Bay, Camotes. We just love the sandy beach and the provincial vibe of the island. Or maybe Ivan and I weren’t just prepared enough to celebrate our nine years of being together. Still, we love Camotes. It’s one of the first out-of-town trips we had during the early years of our relationship. And this year, we decided to take the kids with us.

It’s a good thing that we didn’t have to go to Cebu City to take the ferry. There’s a new port near our area so that means we didn’t have to wake up that early to catch the ferry (Check out Island Central Mall in Mactan if you have plans). Kai had enough sleep the night prior so there weren’t much of the tantrums. He even fell back asleep on the boat and woke up when we docked at Camotes’ Consuelo wharf. Oh I have to note, the trip was shorter compared to the last time we went there (yes, I haven’t made a post about it). Here’s the video:

It’s weird how we still think about going to places where it should be kid-friendly even if it’s our anniversary. That’s how it has been since Kai came – we just couldn’t go to some place without making sure we’re taking him with us. And we kind of stayed with that thought. But as this kid’s getting older, we have to consider other things just to make sure he — not us — is comfortable.

I remember that time when we were in Malapascua with Mom, I didn’t bring any toys for him to play with. I’m mostly what he needed that time. As long as he has mom’s boobs he’s all good. Now, we need to think about bringing some toys or any form of distraction. It’s great that we don’t really have to bring a lot. As long as he has his toy shovel and rake and mold to play in the sand, he’s cool. And of course, don’t forget to bring the baby float or arm floaties, in our case because he’s learned to dislike the feeling of baby floats or life jackets.

He loves playing in the sand.

Kai's second time in camotes celebrating our anniversary

It’s Kai’s second time in Camotes.

When going to the beach, don’t forget the sunscreen. I use Human Heart Nature’s SafeProtect, an environment-friendly sunblock for kids and adults. No harsh chemicals for sensitive skin and no harmful residue for the ocean.

Don’t forget them floaties and sunscreen!

Oh! We also didn’t forget about his treats. Kai loves food and snacks so yeah, we packed some junk in there. Bad mommy. Well, grandma gave some money so we could buy Kai munchkins and his favorite chocolate treats. Ha-ha! You know how grandmas are.

Kai’s friend in Santiago Bay.

All in all, it wasn’t such a disaster having to go to the beach with our toddler (without grandmas around). Maybe because it’s the beach and he loves beaches. When you know your kid, you also know what to bring when you go on a trip. We know Kai will be too tired to do anything because he’d probably exhausted himself playing in the sand and we’re right. But when going on a long trip, that’s a different story.