10 Cheap But Practical Gifts For Moms That You Can Easily Get


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Gifts, gifts. Personally, I like to give gifts. I enjoy it. Especially when I know that someone can really use it. For moms, there are so many things you can give them. Think along the lines of practical gifts for moms. Gifts that they can REALLY use and not just add clutter and things that they are happy to use.

Coming up with a list of practical gifts for moms is easy. After all, they will need all the help they can get to make things easier for them. You may be thinking about appliances and devices that can help her around the house (hey, I’d be ecstatic to have them too). Then again, they’re expensive. Not all of us can afford such gifts. But practical gifts don’t have to be expensive. An eye mask, which she will surely need, can cost only Php 100 something ($2+).

Have you already done an early Christmas gift shopping? Check out this list to give you an idea of the useful gifts you can give to a mom or mom friend.

1. Dump-it-All Foldable Tote Bag

You can’t have enough tote bags, really – especially when they have cute designs. They’re highly functional, especially for a mama who’s always on the go. I’d personally love to have this, which is why I thought other moms would appreciate it too. It can be used as a grocery bag, or even just a bag you carry around for emergency situations, such as having too much in your hands while out with a kid.

Here’s a cool reusable grocery bag that you can fold when not in use and fits in a pocket or your purse. Carry it around wherever you go!

2. Pampering Essentials – Hand and Foot Lotion

Moms need self-care and one of the ways she can have that is by taking care of her skin. Got moisture-deprived hands and cracked heels? A hand and foot lotion you can keep in the bag will come to the rescue. Give this to a mom and she’ll be happy! This pampering set will save the day – no more looking for separate items. Other ideas include foot mask and hand mask for extra moisturizing.

3. Food Storage Containers

Because moms have too many food items. Storage containers are much appreciated. This will help her organize foodstuff in the fridge or help her free up space in the kitchen and pantry. You have plenty of options – you can use reusable plastic containers or go for glass, which can last longer (unless the kids and the Dad break them). They will be great for mom’s meal prepping. She’ll also be happy to get cute condiment bottles like this one. Check below for great finds of glass storage containers.

4. Gift Cards: Spa and Massage

As mentioned, self-care is important for moms. Be thoughtful. Even the simplest trip to the spa can help ease her worries. Give her time to relax a little by giving her a treat. Gift cards for spa and massage are among the most practical gifts for moms that you can easily get – and one that’s cheap.

Here in Cebu, you can take her to different spa salons that offer gift cards. Check with them for their gift card offers. Here are some you might want to check out.

5. Menthol Liniment

Because you can’t go wrong with this. As we age, we need this more – Titas and moms can’t deny this. I know most moms use Efficascent but you can also check out this set. Personally, I use Axe Brand. I’ve been using this since I was a kid. Unfortunately, it’s not available in commercial stores in the Phils. You can order from Shopee though.

6. Eye Mask

She’ll need the sleep she can get – if she really gets to have some. But just to let her know someone thinks of her, giving her an eye mask would be a great idea, especially if it comes in cute and cool designs, like this cute owl eye mask. It not only functions as a sleeping aid; it can also be used as a cold mask to relieve puffy eyes.

7. Gift Cards: Nail, Facial and/or waxing salon

A mom will be truly happy if she gets to go to a nail or facial spa. These things make her feel good, so why not? Plus, it will be an opportunity for her to go on her own and have a ME time. Check out these salons:

8. Planner/Journal

A planner can be used for many things. For moms, it’s a place to organize her to-do list. In this post, I’ve shared why moms need to keep journals and how they can help them with their overwhelming daily tasks. It can also be a place to record memories of her kids. If you know a mom who’s addicted to journals or planners, you might want to check out these gift ideas.

9. No-Spill Tumbler/Heat Sensitive Mug

Most moms are all about coffee (or maybe wine). If not, it’s all about hydrating, which is also an important part of self-care. I even have to remind myself that – I need to hydrate more. Show how you care for your mom or a mom friend by giving her a tumbler or mug. She can use it as her go-to tumbler or mug for hot and cold drinks, whether she brings it out with her or she haves it by her desk. 

I got mine from a friend in Christmas 2018. Actually, I had two. I love how one is Spongebob Squarepants – my favorite character and it has my name on it. (I also HAD a beautiful unicorn mug, but guess who broke it? Hints: it’s not a kid, it’s not female lol. Sorry, Jules!) You can have the mug personalized or you can find one that has a unique design, just like this heat-sensitive mug.

I found this Solar System magic mug, which only shows a night sky when your liquid is cold. Once you pour in a hot liquid, the solar system shows up. It’s cool. It’s pretty. And I’m sure Kai will love this as well. Oh! It’s on Shopee, too!

10. Organic Soap Set

Did I say this already? Moms enjoy pampering essentials. Organic or handmade soap sets are perfect practical gifts for moms who love synthetic-free products. Not only will they be good for her but she’ll be happy to use it on her kids as well.

Bonus Gift:

Moms have a lot on their plate. So really, if you want to make it extra special for her on her birthday, on Mother’s Day or even on holidays, give her a break. Give her time to herself. Offer to do chores or don’t even wait for her to give you a signal. Let her enjoy a day without having to worry about the house or the kids. (but really, not worry – can she do that?) Don’t even make it a one-time thing. Help every day will be very much appreciated.


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