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Cherishing Dependence, Celebrating Independence




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I have observed that the past week is pretty much all about independence. That is because my boy has taken little steps to his independence. It started with handwashing. I told him he needs to go wash his hands. My precious boy. He sort of hates it when he gets dirty and he feels the need to clean himself up immediately.

His hands were dirty from all the modeling clay that he played with. He wanted some treats but I wouldn’t give it to him unless he washed his hands. I simply briefed him on what he would do since he’s familiar with handwashing anyway. It’s just that at that moment he did it himself. Turned the faucet on, washed his hands with soap. Turned the faucet off and then goes to find a towel to dry his little hands. All the while I was following him instructing him on the next steps.

The next time I told him to go wash his hands, he told me to stay put and not follow him. That brought a smile to my face. I felt really proud because my boy wanted to do it on his own. But then again, I felt a bit sad because I know that it was him slowly not needing mommy for the little things.

What came next is peeing. He’s learned how to go pee since he was about two and half years but I would always carry him up to the toilet. I wasn’t able to get a sturdy boy potty that sticks on the wall, which is why he needs to go to the big toilet. I’d carry him up and hold him there, and even hold his dingdong because he wouldn’t do it. But last week, I told him he needs to go on his own. I told him just go, hold his dingdong and pee.

He did it on the bathroom floor. He just held his peepee and started peeing. After which, he poured water on the floor and then went to the sink to wash his hands with soap. I was just watching him from nearby. And he proudly and enthusiastically told me he did it on his own! He always does each time he accomplishes a task.

And then there’s bathing. Instead of avoiding baths, he is now eager to take it because he insists on doing it himself. He’d pour the water on himself and say “I did it mommy. I babath (bathed) myself!” Well, that saved me some energy and I’m glad I wouldn’t chase him all over the house to get him to the bathroom.

Indeed, kids grow up fast. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this or written about it but really, they grow up fast and I wish I could just stop time. I can’t deny the happiness I feel when my boy takes prude in his little achievement. Yet, I can’t also help but miss the days when he needed me so much. The clingy stage. I’m starting to see a little independent man, learning day by day. And all I can do is smile, let go and think how proud I am to have a son like him.


  1. It goes WAY too fast. I wish childhood could go just a tad bit slower so I could enjoy it more. Especially the newborn stage. It was such a blur. But I miss it ..Bittersweet

    • You’re so right, Mychal. I also miss the newborn stage. Some of my friends easily complain about how exhausting taking care of a newborn can be but I think to myself, newborns are actually wonderful to take care of and are a lot easier. Toddlers can be all over the place lol

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