City Boy On a Weekend Getaway to the Countryside


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I’ve been excited about this trip to my Grandma’s place since that would mean we, especially a bigger Kai, get to see her after a year. Also, because we knew that Kai would surely enjoy the place. And boy are we soooo right. Who wouldn’t love it there? We’re from the city and being work-at-home parents, we always get to see the walls of our home. It’s a great way for us to have a “digital detox.”

We were there for three days and it was great! What felt great is that we got to see Kai the city boy enjoy his time being in a remote area.

Here’s a typical view from Grammy’s place.

I wouldn’t give details about Grandma’s (Lola) place. All I can say is that it’s my mother’s and her sibs’ birthplace. It’s where she grew up. Grammy’s lived most of her life there. She refuses to move to the city to be with any of her children because this is home to her. And more importantly, Grammy doesn’t want to leave because she’s concerned about her cats. Yep, my Gramma is an animal lover – mainly a cat lover.

So, last weekend we were there to celebrate her 91st birthday. Lola is still in great shape even at her age. Although she’s been living in that beautiful place, she hasn’t been to the beach. She would have a hard time getting down to enjoy the fine sand and waters.

On the other hand, the same thing cannot be said for our boy. For three straight days, he’d wake up really early without any hesitation just so he could go for a dip. And each time, we can see how much he genuinely enjoyed every moment at the beach.

I’ll just leave this post with pictures from our weekend getaway because they speak a lot about the place. And no, this is not a travel report. 😀 Finally, we got to the beach — we’ve been wanting to getaway but never really got the time. Here are the photos!

One lovely afternoon at the beach.

City boy goes to the beach in the province.
This was late afternoon and the weather was fine. Any day is a great day to be at the beach.

Daddy and son strolling by the shore.

Daddy and Kai one morning. Our boy was eager to wake up early just to head to the

Family photo!

Selfie. Oh, and yes, that’s my busted lower lip because I had to wrestle with a stubborn toddler on the ferry.
Just walk past these coconut trees and you’ll get to the beach. Careful of them falling coconuts!
It’s the first time for us to meet Phillip, Kai’s second cousin. And yes, they’ve instantly become frenemies. I’m glad there was a kid his age he can play with.

That’s the matriarch, right there! The granma who doesn’t smile.
Yep. There’s that someone who climbs the tall tree and gather a bunch of coconuts. Sweet juice. Sweet life.

Enjoying the waves!

What’s an ideal getaway from the busy life for you? Let me know in the comments section below.

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