Dad Makes Detailed Contract When Kids Wanted a Dog


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Most kids would easily find dogs irresistibly cute that they’d immediately want to have one. As adults, parents know very well that it’s not easy to have dogs around, especially because they can also be a handful. Dogs are meant to be loved and taken care of – not just meant for show and have something to squeal in delight about.

But when you have a kid that demands a dog, it is hard to resist. When you do, though, you need to set rules for your little one to follow, which should teach him or her about responsibility. This dad did just that.
“We can get a dog if everyone agrees to all of the following terms,” the first part of the contract, which is found over at Reddit, reads.

The contract is purposely detailed by this reluctant dad stating specifics such as the dog’s weight and size and the type of food he should eat. There was also a mention of how Dad should never be the one to clean up dog poop “ever”. Dad also doesn’t want to bathe the dog and if he thinks the pooch is smelly, a kid should give it a bath right away.

There’s also one particular condition that should be of note and should sadden families who always treat their dogs as their “baby.” Dad explicitly indicated that the dog should never be “referred to as a child or sibling.” Nevertheless, he made the kids promise “not to fall out of love with the dog or get bored of it.”
Find this contract amusing. Read more for yourself.

Reluctant dad makes contract for kids who asked for a family dog.

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Two weeks after the kids have agreed to the terms and signed the contract, the family adopted a “three-year-old white fluffy mutt” from the shelter. Good thing for Dad, the dog, now named Kershaw, is “housetrained and doesn’t shed or drool.” It has been two years since the kids got Kershaw and everything’s going great. Everyone loves Kershaw – even the reluctant Dad.

This is now the family dog, Kershaw.


All photos from Reddit/rjohnstone13

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