Daddy-Daughter Duo Conquers Instagram With Their Adorable and Hilarious Photos


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Having a child changes your entire world. The moment you become a first-time parent, you would want to document all your child’s milestones and keep it as a memory you can treasure forever. For one dad, though, making memories with his one-year-old daughter shouldn’t be limited to taking simple pictures.

Sholom Ber Solomon and Zoe is the cutest daddy-daughter tandem you’ll see on Instagram. The dad turns every moment with his daughter special and he makes sure the pictures say it all. You know what they say:  No matter how old a little girl becomes, she’s always going to be daddy’s little princess. Solomon and Zoe’s pictures would make you wish you had babies.

Solomon has been taking funny and adorable photos of him and his daughter Zoe.

Solomon is a vintage shop owner based in California.

The 36-year-old calls himself a “silliness enthusiast.”

Obviously, he adores his baby girl and he enjoys taking photos of her in costumes.

Solomon has been taking silly pictures of himself even before Zoe was born. But everything became sillier and more colorful when Zoe came into this world. Check out more adorable photos below.

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