Kai’s Third Birthday – Why We Don’t Like Parties For Now


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Kai’s turning three tomorrow. How time flies. I remembered we held a party for his first birthday, with a catering service, balloons, Kai’s elephant costume, a clown host and games for kids. But we’re not dealing with elaborate parties this year. In fact, we only agreed to do a big birthday party for his first year.

We (mostly me) initially aimed to eat in the same restaurant for the next 18 years or so for Kai’s birthday but it’s hard to find a place where you can be sure it will stay there for more than a decade. So we decided to go for a different birthday tradition – to get out of town.

At the moment, we don't like to host big parties.

Last year, we went to Bohol for Kai’s birthday, but it was kind of late because we had to postpone our travel. Kai’s birthday month falls on the typhoon season in the Philippines, so yeah. This year, it’s the same thing. We had planned (not really uber planning because that’s how we are) to go to Bantayan (again!) for the weekend before his birthday.

But at the start of this week (Oct 16), we learned there’s a typhoon and it’s reported to leave the country on the day of Kai’s birthday.We haven’t booked yet since we know so well there are rooms available.

It’s not the peak season and October isn’t really a typical month to go to the beach. We had to cancel our beach day and it was such a bummer. I had bought him new swim shorts and shirts for our getaway. I had already imagined how fun Kai would have in the sandbar, considering we’d take the beachfront hotel.

We had to cancel our beach day and it was such a bummer. I had bought him new swim shorts and shirts for our getaway. I  already imagined how fun Kai would have in the sandbar, considering we’d take the beachfront hotel.

So, I had to make last-minute preparations for his birthday – a simple, intimate lunch with the family. But of course, there’s going to be cake and because there’s cake, which, by the way, has a Hutos theme since that’s what Kai asked for, I also had to make decors just so Kai can look back and see that he had a Hutos-themed birthday.

Hutos – it’s that Korean version of Teletubbies. I have no idea how he ended up watching videos of those really adorable colorful characters but one day, he just did, on YouTube. He’d have their videos on repeat.

Introducing … Hutos!! Image from Google Play

Each of the five characters has its own theme song and I was even surprised he was able to sing those songs. Take note it’s in Korean. He’d also watch story videos of Hutos in Korean and I thought, “we don’t have any idea what they’re talking about.” Kai, on the other hand, seems to enjoy it – A LOT!

I had him choose from Paw Patrol, Inside Out and Hutos – currently, his favorites – for his cake but he chose Hutos. I tried asking him again to maybe help him decide clearly because I wasn’t convinced that it’s the cake design that he really wanted. But I was wrong, he’d pick Hutos over and over again, and that settled it.

At the moment, I’m just waiting to see if there are other parents whose kids are into Hutos. I think I’m the only person in my circle who has a kid that loves Hutos.

Back to the party, what I did is to think about having short orders of food. Lechon won’t be missing but it’s only good for 12 people. That’s the number of people we’re having. I also planned the DIY decor in my head 2 days before Kai’s birthday. I’ve already posted my DIY number 3 to be placed on the wall. I’m just glad I still have my art supplies stored away.

Ditching big parties and going DIY.

Made from a cardstock and scrap decorative papers. 🙂

I started drawing Hutos characters, which will be cut out later but I realized that I’m gonna spend time on it. I have to brush up on my drawing skills but I don’t have time for that. I decided to get images of Hutos from the Internet, have it printed then cut out. That should work.

Also went to Hannah’s – the go-to place for your party needs to get some balloons and banners. I bought DIY banners where you will be the one to stick the letters. I’m glad I found it and it’s cheap @Php79.

DIY birthday banners and balloons.

The food – I’m glad the family members offered to bring something like desserts. Then I asked my sister – being the more awesome person in cooking – to cook spaghetti. My mom joined in and volunteered to have fresh lumpia and vegetable salad! Ivan’s sister volunteered for the desserts. I’m making my awesome Maja recipe too! So it’s all good.

As for big parties, we agreed that we don’t like to have it – at least not until Kai’s about 7 or 8. Maybe once or twice when Kai’s already in school and has real friends he can invite over. For now, we’re ditching parties and we want to enjoy traveling with our boy and taking him to places on his birthday.

Let’s face it. Planning for events can also be stressful. I’ve been there. His first birthday was mostly DIY by me. Decors, booking a clown, booking the catering service, loot bags by me, etc. We want to skip all of that. Getting out of town sounds more fun for us than big parties. I can’t wait for Kai’s third birthday trip so I can have something to write about.

What do you think? Do you like big elaborate parties or do you prefer simple intimate celebrations? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m all for this! Mom’s often feel obligated to overwhelm themselves to put on the perfect party for a child that is too young to even remember! Enjoy the day with family and less stress!

  2. MY little one is 15 months and I started planning her one year party when she was 8 months! I was so wrapped up in the perfect party, that it came and went and I felt like I missed so much. I vowed to enjoy the next ones with her!

  3. I am starting to think about downsizing our parties as well. Or even simply not doing them. Maybe a sleep over with a handful of best friends sounds better these days.

  4. We do simple parties too or take a trip and have an experience instead. When my kiddos get old enough to want something different, we will reassess

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