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DIY Joker Halloween Costume for Kids




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I was so excited about this year’s Halloween party in Kai’s school. He had wanted to go as a vampire but this mommy thinks vampire getups are all too common. And I looked at my boy with his wide smile and long hair and thought that a DIY Joker Halloween costume for kids is a perfect idea! But this mommy doesn’t want to spend a lot on a Halloween costume.

Even last year’s Thor costume for Halloween was made from materials I already have lying around. This year, I only spent about Php400 for the materials to get this getup together.

I have to say that I didn’t really fully copy the Joker getup – you know, purple suit, green vest, and what-not. Instead, this DIY Joker Halloween costume for kids had a purple shirt, black jacket and pants, and green accessories like suspenders and a bowtie. What made it a standout is the hair and makeup!

[Spoiler Alert: Just like 2018’s Thor Halloween costume, my DIY Joker Halloween costume for kids won!]

I’m proud of my little man. We make a great team!

How to DIY Joker Halloween Costume for Kids

I’m pretty sure you can do better than what I did. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and Google. But if you’re limited with supplies, just pick something with the right color and improvise. In my case, I wanted to go for Heath Ledger’s version. I originally wanted a vest for Kai but I don’t want to have to buy a Php800 ++ purple long-sleeved shirt or even a vest – for a costume that will be worn only once – I’m certain of this because this haircut won’t be allowed in schools in the near future lol

Fortunately, I already had a black jacket that I think will be perfect for the getup. He also had black pants and black shoes – which are all the easy parts. I then went to a cheap store to buy his purple shirt, which only cost Php150. I didn’t count this as part of the costume cost because this can still be used as a regular shirt. Then I bought green suspenders and a bowtie, both are priced below Php50.

As for the makeup, I used Nichido Classic Mint beauty cake bought from Watson’s, it was P120. The face paint and the hairspray both amounting to P150.

Our fun DIY Joker Halloween costume preparation!

I present to you Kai’s Joker evolution.

We had a lot of fun prepping for this school event. I can remember not getting enough sleep because I mistakenly (lol) drank coffee early in the evening just because I craved the taste of it. As a result, I stayed up late…and then woke up early to prep him.

I started with the hair. The night before, I twisted and tied them into curls so he would sleep with it. The next morning, the curls formed. It was a success. The hair was my favorite part of the getup. I was happy that Kai’s hair just went with my styling.

The whole time I was doing his hair and makeup, our boy was well-behaved and he was very cooperative. He was enthusiastic about getting dressed for the event. And when it’s time for makeup, we just kept laughing. It just seemed funny. I asked him to pose as Joker and he would make that villainous face. My boy has that, ugh!

I didn’t stay in school to watch him (I should’ve). Well, they’d just go around the school ground, which is not really big, and knock on classrooms to ask for treats. I just received a message from his teacher who sent me photos that he was on stage, receiving the award for Spookiest and Cutest Halloween Costume.

And that’s it! I loved how it turned out and I’m proud of my DIY creation! And Kai enjoyed it as well and he had fun going as Joker.

Halloween is so much fun. Although it’s not being celebrated so much like what they do in the US or UK, I’m still glad that some malls and schools do hold such events. I have to say it’s one of my favorite celebrations.

What will/did your kid wear in Halloween? SHare them below!

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