DIY No-Sew Fabric Book and Journal Cover


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I actually made a journal cover without sewing! Yes, I actually have a journal now and it’s early on in January. So I think there are only about three or four people who know that I’m interested in Bullet Journal. I started in 2016 when I wanted to organize my life as a mother. But I failed because I couldn’t keep up with writing things down (and because I’m not an organized mom, to begin with). I wasn’t that inspired to write because my “journaling” was ugly. I didn’t like my spreads so I kind of stopped.

But then I became interested in starting one again early this month and so far, I’m doing great compared to last year. I just realized there are a lot of things that I NEED to remember. With multiple sites to write for on top of mothering an active toddler, I need to be focused on my daily tasks. And since I love writing things down and I’m secretly addicted to pens and notebooks, I got back to bullet journaling.

I’m not ready to share the what and hows of Bullet Journal just yet. (If you want to know more, you can just visit the official site or visit Little Coffee Fox or Pinterest for inspiration)

What I can share, though, is how you can make a fabric journal cover without sewing. It’s the easiest tutorial I stumbled upon and now I’m sharing it with you. This is not only great for journals but also for books. It’s great for those who need to be creative with their covers for school books, notebooks or even novels.

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Here’s what you need to have for your journal cover:

make your own journal cover made of fabric
Because I didn’t like how my journal cover looked, I decided to DIY my own.
  1. Fabric
  2. marker
  3. scissors
  4. kraft paper/bond paper
  5. Glue

Mine was rather easy to make because I have a small journal. Big thanks to my good friend Mizh for getting scraps of fabrics for me from her brother, Hanz Coquilla’s atelier. Hahaha! I just opened the bag she gave me and found they were all light colors, except for this dark green crunchy-ish fabric, which I ended up using.

I now have a plain colored cover, which I like!

Most importantly, shout out to Crafty Explosion over at YouTube for this DIY tutorial! I found other DIY tutorials for fabric journal cover but they involved sewing. I don’t have the time to sew at the moment so I resorted to the no-sew version.

Watch the video below:

I kind of did things a bit differently. Instead of measuring and cutting the fabric, I simply glued the paper to the fabric and then cut afterward. This is because I can’t guarantee a straight line on a fabric even with a ruler. It worked and I loved the result – except for the fact that there are “bubbles” on the surface.

Silly me glued the insides of the fabric when it was supposed to be done only on the sides. Wasn’t paying attention. I might redo my cover and hopefully, come up with a better result.

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