DIY Thor Costume For Halloween


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I like to dress up – but no I’m not a cosplayer. The only time that I feel like dressing up is on Halloween. I’ve always wanted to dress as anything but I’m kind of shy to do it. Until Kai arrived. As mentioned in my previous post, Kai started dressing up for Halloween since he was one, and I was always there to dress up with him. This year, however, we kind of missed the tandem in costume because of certain circumstances, like my sister failing to have Kai and our niece registered haha! And there’s the fact that Kai already had a Halloween costume event in school.

So yes! I’m missing out on this year’s Halloween. Boo-hoo!

Still, I didn’t think I could pull off a Thor costume but when I saw this tutorial from The Scrap Shoppe Blog I thought that it’s pretty doable. Once I read the instructions, ideas were flowing and I knew then how to make Kai’s DIY Thor costume.

If you like a superhero costume for your kid, Thor would be a great character to go for. And here’s how I did it.


For the DIY outfit:

  • A black sweater or a black muscle shirt
  • Red fabric
  • circle cutouts
  • aluminum foil or silver foil
  • grey felt cloth
  • 1/4 inch elastic sewing band black
  • Hot glue and glue gun

For Mjolnir

  • a box
  • cardboard roll
  • scissors
  • glue
  • strips of toilet paper or old newspaper
  • brush
  • poster paint (metallic grey, brown)


For the top: I used a sweater that Kai barely uses and cut off the sleeves. I then picked up a box and cut out circles (a total of 6) in descending sizes and wrapped them in aluminum foil. I have all those materials with me so it was awesome I didn’t have to spend a lot. The only thing I didn’t have was a red fabric for his cape and an elastic band. I bought all of it from a local store for a low price.

For the greaves: For the greaves or arm bracers, I simply used the grey felt cloth and measure it around Kai’s forearm. Wrap some elastic band (or any black cloth) around it to make it look like it’s been tied criss-cross.

I simply used tattered jeans for the bottom and his hi-cut school shoes. If you have boots, that would do fine. For the cape, simply get a red fabric and attach it however you want. I simply sewed the cape into the front of his shirt, then covered it up using the biggest circle mentioned above.

For the helmet: Here’s a template I found on Disney Family for Thor’s helmet. I’ve been worrying about where to get a helmet but luckily I found this printable. Click here to get it FREE.


You can find a lot of video tutorials on how to make Mjolnir to match your DIY Thor costume, but most of them I find complicated. What I did with mine is I simply got a box and and a cardboard roll. I had an empty baking paper roll. I covered the hammer head with tissue paper and glue mixture and waited for it to dry. I placed a second layer just to make sure Mjolnir is sturdy. I should’ve done it to the handle as well, because when Kai got home from his Halloween party, the handle was bent here and there. So yes, put papier mache on it as well.


Paint the hammer head with metallic grey or silver and the handle brown with the grey as its stripes.

Here’s the completed DIY Thor costume for Kai!

Here’s our little man, rocking his costume!

And lookie!!! He won an award for the costume. And a giant bag of mallows!

There you have it! A DIY Thor costume for your little one. This is perfect for Marvel fans – like our Kai.

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