DIY Washi Tapes In 3 Ways


This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. Please review my full Disclosure Policy

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure policy.

I’ve recently become obsessed with washi tapes and that’s because I have a use for them in my journal. Yep, I just recently got into bullet journaling, as well but I don’t want to talk about that yet because after all, this is a post about how you can actually make DIY washi tapes.

I get most of my washi tapes from SM supplies or Expressions since they have cute designs that appeal to me. But as a “domesticated homeboy,” as my friend and I would put it, I don’t go out much and so I would often admire cute washi tape designs from online shops like Lazada or Shoppee. But they’re soooooo pretty that sometimes I can’t resist. It’s a good thing I haven’t spent a lot of money on washi tapes – I’ve only spent a total of Php 270 ($4.50) …, that is.

DIY washi tapes are a great idea to spice up your journals and planners.

While online shops and craft stores have gorgeous washi tape designs, nothing’s more awesome if you can save money on shopping by making your very own sets at home. I’ve scoured the Internet for DIY Washi tapes because I want to make something. I want to have designs that I actually like and of course, I want to save money on washi tapes. And then I’ve discovered you can simply make your own in three ways. Let’s get to it!

#1. Soak it!

This is the very first DIY washi tapes tutorial I found on YouTube but I initially thought it was cumbersome. For this project, you’ll need a craft paper or a card stock with beautiful designs. I have an old craft paper book from last year, which I will use for this project. You can find these craft paper book/designer paper pad/wrapping paper in any craft and supplies store. Amazon has a great list as well and I have my own recommendations below. Note that I have started this method, yet I haven’t seen the final product, but I see that it’s doable.

Materials needed:

Craft paper book/scrapbooking paper pad/old wrapping papers


regular sticky tape

double-sided tape/glue

You can use a regular tape or a branded one. Many prefer Scotch tape with a matte finish so they can write on it. Run the tape on your design until the desired length. Cut off the taped part then submerge overnight in water.

After which, remove the tape from the water and start rubbing off the part where there’s no tape. It’ll come off and you’ll see that the pattern from the paper has transferred to the tape.

Watch the tutorial from Memorabilia Scrapbooking below.

#2. Double-sided tape

If you don’t want to go all that trouble of soaking and rubbing off paper from tape, you can simply go straight to using a double-sided tape. Again, you’ll need craft paper book or even tissue paper with designs (Check out this cool black and white-theme).

Here’s that easy tutorial you need from Syafa Saurus:

#3. Markers, Paints and Inks

Here’s a method recommended for those who love stamping and watercoloring. You can actually paint/ink your own designs and turn it into a washi tape you can use for your planners or journals. This time, you’ll use a masking tape.

Here’s a fun tutorial from artzi crafts.

Also, check out this cool video on how you can do different washi tapes at home.

Which method is your favorite?

Let me know your thoughts

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