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7 DIY Kids’ Superhero Halloween Costumes For Marvel Fans




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Our boy is a big fan of Marvel characters, particularly the Avengers. He had many different favorites, the earliest of which is Captain America, followed by Iron Man. I remember it was last year when he loved Iron Man, we even got him an Iron Man ride-on toy box for our Singapore travel. But Iron Man days are over and just a couple of months prior, he’d told me he wanted to go as Thor this Halloween 2018.

Last year’s Halloween was awesome. I didn’t know what costume he’d go for. I didn’t expect we’d go trick or treatin’ but my good friend and his godmother invited us for a trick-or-treat event in their neighborhood. And so I came up with a last-minute Halloween get up. But this year, asking for Thor? I’d have to step up my game. Then by the end of August, he changed his mind. Ant-Man became his new favorite that he told me he doesn’t want Thor anymore because he wanted to go as Ant-Man.

A few weeks later, he fell in love with the Wasp. He was even ecstatic when he received this The Wasp action figure from his godfather. Although he didn’t say he wanted to go as her on Halloween, he did say he wants to be like her. We recalled him telling my good friend these exact words: “I know she is a girl but I want to be The Wasp.”

Ok, so I really don’t know what this little Marvel fan is going to go as this Halloween. I’d have to ask him again so he can finally decide. In the meantime, if you find that your little one has an affinity for Marvel characters, here are cool easy and affordable DIY costume ideas to inspire your trick-or-treating!

#1 & #2. DIY Captain America and Thor Costumes

Craft mom Michele at The Scrap Shoppe Blog did a brilliant job with the duo’s costumes. Looks pretty easy – and doable. Yeah! But I don’t think I have the time for this – unless Kai insists he’d go as any of those two superheroes. And oh my, I had been looking for an easy Mjolnir tutorial but never found one until this!! Do check her project out.

#3. Iron Man

I’ve always thought Iron Man costumes will be really challenging. But Michelle (this is another Michelle) of Sunshine and Summer Breeze was able to pull it off with a DIY version.

#4. Female spiderman

It’s easy to love Spiderman, and if your girl happens to like Spidey, this affordable DIY costume is the way to go.

#5. Hawkeye

Any character who has a ranged weapon like bows or crossbows (Ahem, Daryl Dixon), are always cool to me. Here’s a homemade Hawkeye costume from Life Sprinkled with Glitter. And she did an awesome job with the hero’s vest.

#6. The Hulk

You don’t have to have green skin to become the Hulk. Just some green fabric is all. Check out this tutorial from Feeling Crafty.

#7. Deadpool

The crazy Deadpool would be a cool getup this Halloween. Thanks to Max-California, you can now sew your own Deadpool costume.

Going DIY saves you money and brings your crafty and artistic side out. But then again, not all of us can sew or have the time to work on a homemade Halloween costume. Check out these great finds below if you want an instant Marvel Halloween costume.


  1. I love this! I don’t have kids, but I will be sharing these ideas with some of my friends who do – their kids will love it!!

  2. It is so fun to see the West celebrating Halloween every year. There are so many thing to do and to prepare for this fun occasion. In where I stay we don’t celebrate such occasion but we do watch tv news when we were young how the West celebrated it. I like the idea of DIY your own costumes, make it more creative and fun way especially for kids to engage and light up their imagination.

    • I’m not from the West. Actually I’m in the Philippines. There are trick or treating events here but Halloween is not celebrated as much as in the West. 🙂 where are you from anyway?

  3. Wow, these are great costumes ideas, it so beautiful and I am sure that my kids would love to have this for their Halloween costumes party.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! my son loves the Marvel characters and I feel like he would love one of these costumes!

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