Easy Egg Roll Recipes – Perfect Kids’ Baon Ideas


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Pinterest is my go-to platform whenever I need some kids’ baon ideas. Sure, a lot of the recipes on there are from the West that call for hard-to-find, expensive ingredients. But then I found these easy egg roll recipes and I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I thought of this before? This is definitely something doable.”

Egg rolls are just like lumpia, except for the obvious difference in wrappers. Egg roll recipes use thicker wraps compared to lumpia Shanghai. Egg roll wrappers also have eggs as ingredients for the wrapper (hence the name, duh), whereas spring roll wrappers don’t. Whatever, right? They’re a bunch of wrappers that turn crispy when fried, or baked. They’re stuffed with meat and veggies and often, a mix of both. 

Egg rolls have bubbly texture once fried.

What’s the difference and why do I feel the need to share this? Because they’re beautiful. They look tasty! And I want to try something new. Filipino lumpia Shanghai is usually made with a filling of ground pork, minced carrots, onions, garlic and seasoning. And you have that taste of lumpia wrapper. Egg rolls, on the other hand, are usually made with ground pork with cabbage, and shredded carrots as well as other seasonings. However, you can be creative with this recipe and try out other kinds of filling as well.

Below are some of the easy egg roll recipes I have compiled and will hopefully try out soon. Egg rolls can be great baon ideas for your kids. They’re crunchy and packed with flavor. Plus you can sneak in some veggies in there. There’s a choice between frying and baking them – take your pick.

Chicken egg roll recipe

Kids love chicken so why not make a chicken egg roll recipe? It’s easy and I’m sure it’s flavorful. It’s made like the usual egg roll but instead of pork, chicken is used. 

Easy egg roll recipes for breakfast

The amazing thing about egg rolls is that they can be eaten anytime of the day. This bacon, egg, and cheese egg roll is the perfect breakfast treat! I love bacon. Kai loves bacon. People love bacon. Since my kindergartener goes to school in the morning for only two hours, I would say I will definitely prepare this for him. Maybe this week!

Bacon Mac & Cheese

Does your kid enjoy mac n’ cheese? Why not try this easy egg roll recipe using mac and cheese and bacon! This is another great baon idea moms should try.

Cheesedog Egg Rolls

Talk about easy! Just buy your favorite cheesedog or hotdog brand and use it for your egg roll. This recipe here uses spicy chili but if your kid doesn’t like it, you can simply omit the chili. 

Pizza Egg rolls

Because pizza is love! This is another easy egg roll recipe that you can make in five minutes! It’s a fun twist to eating pizza. The best thing is that it’s a homemade pizza made with pure love.

S’mores Egg Rolls

I dislike marshmallows. And I hate the idea of s’mores. I don’t even get it. Lol. But it might be worth a shot – for you. Or for me, someday. So yes, egg rolls can also be used as desserts. If you and your kid loves mallows, this recipe is for you!

There you have it! I can’t wait to try one of these. I’ll give an update once I’ve prepped one of these easy egg roll recipes for my kindergartener.

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