5 Easy Homemade Christmas Cards To Give Out


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I am a big fan of paper crafts and anything about crafts in general. I was a crafty person when I was younger and somehow I forgot about it – until recently, that is, when I got in touch with my creative side and found myself shopping for craft supplies and machines. I’m actually talking about the die-cut machine I bought just so I can make homemade Christmas cards.

Homemade Christmas cards – I didn’t realize people can still appreciate them. I honestly thought in this day and age, people don’t care for paper stuff and think more of them as clutter. But I was wrong. I took to Facebook expressing my desire to make holiday cards but I just didn’t have recipients. Or so I thought. Several people responded that they would love to receive Christmas cards. And that sparked an idea. Something I want to do and turn into my personal tradition – to give out holiday cards. It’s all a win for everyone. Somebody gets a card. Somebody feels special. On the other hand, it also means I get to do crafts. I get to sit down, do something I enjoy doing. That definitely put a smile on my face. And of course, that started my shopping spree online to get the materials I needed. Some of them, fortunately, I have lying around.

Enter the die-cut machine! I know a lot of crafters these days have the Cricut or other brands that function the same but as beginner, I settled for something smaller and something cheaper. I bought a P2,300+ die-cut machine. Of course, you can go for better ones like Sizzix Big Shot, but mine is cheap and it’s mini: it only has a 3 x 5.5 plate size, which is enough for the cardmaking that I’m doing. But I’m pretty sure, I’ll make an upgrade someday, but as of now, it does the job.

Today, I’m sharing with you 5 homemade Christmas cards that I’ve already completed. I’m proud of my work of art. I love how everything turned out. The materials used depend on the card project but in general, I’ve used these:

  • Die-cut machine and metal dies
  • construction paper, kraft board, vellum board
  • white gel pen
  • Scissors/blade cutter
  • ruler
  • cutting mat
  • scoring board (for envelopes) – I LOVE MY SCORING BOARD!
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • beads
  • corner punch

To make all these cards, I just simply used the appropriate metal dies and let my creativity take over. But of course, with some inspiration from Pinterest. So, if you need to make homemade holiday greeting cards, just go to Pinterest to get some ideas or you may check out my photos below.


For this project, I started out with a kraft paper for the card base. I then cut out a thick blue strip of blue construction paper for the background. I took another strip of white paper and pressed on a metal flower die, which came in a set. I plan to have a calligraphy greeting on the front.


It only took me less than 5 minutes to put together this card, using these dies. For the dots and the text, I used my trusty White Gelly Roll pen. And when you open it:


I had fun making this, maybe because it’s the first card I finished using the die-cut machine. With snowflake metal dies and some white beads, you can make this simple, minimalist Christmas card.


This one’s special and I’ve already sent this one out. Special because I used my basic calligraphy skills on this. Oh boy! I’m so enjoying this.


This one was carefully made because I want the wreath to have its proper form. I also love how minimalist it looks. To achieve this, I used my little snowflake metal dies and produced enough to make the wreath. Then I put tiny beads in the middle of each snowflake. I plan on writing the greeting below but haven’t gotten to it yet.

There you have it! These are my easy-to-make homemade Christmas cards. Give it to a friend, to a loved one or your family. They will surely appreciate it.

I’ll be back for more and I’ll update the post with pictures too! Stay tuned.