Homemade Munchkins Recipe – Easy No-Bake Desserts For Kids


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The no-bake homemade munchkins recipe was a big part of my childhood and what I remember most about it is that it’s a popular treat that students would sell to their classmates. I didn’t realize they were so easy to make until I was an adult. It’s a classic recipe that everyone loves and I ought to put it up on my blog.

Over the weekend, we were at Ivan’s family home for a sleepover. Her sister made some of these treats and Kai enjoyed it. I also didn’t get enough of it so I bought the ingredients on the way back home. I made it the next day and it’s just perfect since it’s raining. It’s weird – rain makes me crave for anything.

Easy no-bake munchkins are a classic favorite!

If you want these delicious easy no-bake homemade munchkins, here are the things that you need:

Easy no-bake homemade munchkins recipe ingredients:

You’ll also need:


With a food processor or a mortar/pestle, crush the chocolate biscuits. I remember I didn’t have a food processor that time so I had to pound the biscuits in the package using a hammer. You know, you gotta be resourceful.

Once your biscuits are crushed finely, place them in a mixing bowl. Add in the condensed milk. I had the 387g but didn’t use all of it, though. Add little by little as you go on mixing it with the crushed Grahams.

Put on your gloves and scoop up a teaspoon of your mixture and flatten them. Put your marshmallow at the center then roll the mixture into balls. Then, place a piece of M&M’s on top and then roll each ball in the desiccated coconut. Chill for about 10 minutes and serve!

He woke up just when I finished making the treats.

There you have it! Easy no-bake homemade munchkins, which your kid will surely love!

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