Easy Shakshuka Recipe – Must-Try Quick Breakfast Meal


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I have never heard of a shakshuka in my life before and I didn’t know how easy shakshuka recipe can be. I just saw a video on my feed one day and I thought it’s such a great quick breakfast meal. For Pinay moms, breakfast meals usually consist of eggs paired with usual favorites like tocino, hotdog, corned beef, or beef loaf. However, this pinoy mom fell in love with Shakshuka the moment she learned how to make it!

Making breakfast is a big part of a typical pinay mom’s day, especially during work or school days. And at times, moms may run out of ideas on what to prepare in the morning or perhaps, run out of time. But fortunately, there are eggs. Admit it, eggs are your go-to breakfast meal ingredient and who wouldn’t agree? They’re healthy. Adults love it. Kids love it. There are different ways to cook it. It’s readily available. While you can go for scrambled, hard-boiled, or even sunny-side up, why not try and go for this easy shakshuka recipe for a change?

Easy Shakshuka Recipe – Origins

Shakshuka or Shakshouka is a traditional quick breakfast meal from Israel. The idea is that eggs are poached in tomato sauce, with the addition of different common spices – cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, and nutmeg.

But since I really don’t have a shelf of herbs and spices, I tend to go for a simple version that will please the taste palate of my family. Here’s my version:

My Version of Easy Shakshuka Recipe

I use a no-fuss easy shakshuka recipe with ingredients I already have in my pantry. If you don’t have or store complete sets of spices, you can still enjoy this quick breakfast meal. If you have the common ingredients such as eggs, onions, garlic, salt and pepper, and coriander/parsley for garnishing, then you’re good to go. You’ll also need the important ingredient – tomato sauce.

This easy shakshuka recipe is perfect for a quick breakfast meal

You can use packaged tomato sauce or paste of your favorite brand but I prefer to go for a can of peeled tomatoes – whole, crushed or diced, you choose. It really doesn’t matter because when I cook shakshuka, I use whole peeled tomatoes and I can just break them apart with my spatula. My personal favorite brand, however, is Ciao, but I’ve used Dona Elena as well.

How to Make Shakshuka

My version of super easy shakshuka recipe is good for three persons. You can adjust accordingly but I don’t really use up all the tomatoes for one breakfast serving. I only use half a can and it’s enough.

  1. Prepare onions and garlic. I prefer white onions because they’re sweet. Dice white onions and mince the garlic.
  2. Heat the oil in your skillet. I use my awesome cast-iron skillet because once I’m finished cooking, I’ll just take it out the stove and set it on the table.
  3. Pour the tomatoes out of the can and start seasoning with salt and pepper, as well as other spices if you wish.
  4. Bring to a boil. Once boiling, set the heat to low. Then with a spoon, make indents in your sauce and crack the eggs into it.
  5. Cover your skillet and let it simmer. Wait till eggs have turned white but don’t overheat. You want your yolk to be wet and runny. Once done, finely chop some parsley for garnish.

This easy shakshuka recipe is best eaten with toasted bread as you will be dipping bread into the egg yolk and the sauce.. so yeah! Pop some up into your oven toaster and voila – you now have an easy and quick breakfast meal!

This easy shakshuka recipe is perfect for the family

How My Family Loves Shakshuka

Well, ironically, Kai is not really a big fan of the whole thing because he doesn’t like eating so early and this tends to be a great meal in the morning (not to say it’s not good for any time of the day). The man, on the other hand, LOVES it – and he doesn’t even like tomatoes. But with Shakshuka, it’s always an exception.

Got more time and want a fancier shakshuka recipe? Check out the video below.

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