10 Easy, Creative & Cheap Gift Wrapping Ideas


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This post is fully updated: Oct. 28, 2020

It’s almost that time of the year when we need to share gifts with people we truly care about. But with what’s currently happening, a.k.a. Covid crisis, gift-giving and Christmas celebrations might be different. There may be reduced visits and hugging when you give your gifts. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from sharing your love through gifts. Make it even extra meaningful with these awesome, adorable gift wrapping ideas.

The great thing about gift wrapping in your own style is that you’re giving the present a more personal touch. Not only that, you get to save on gift wrapping expenses (that is if you already have the materials at home). Personally, I prefer ditching the traditional wrapping paper with Christmas-themed prints. So here I am sharing some of the easy, creative and cheap gift wrapping ideas that you might want to try this year.

#1. Using leaves

Elisabeth Heier

Simply use any kind of paper – manila paper, bond paper, kraft paper, or even old newspapers and make things lovelier by putting some greens on your wrapping. Just snip off a stem from any plant of your choice and insert it between your twine. If you don’t have some twine, simply stick the plant using a washi tape. Black or brown paper with some green looks elegant! Check out ideas from Elisabeth Heier.

#2. Ribbons and names


Let’s go for a simpler design, shall we? With plain kraft paper, thin ribbons and letter stamps, you can have a classy present for your special someone.


If you have Dymo label maker around your house, you can use it instead of letter stamps. If you want to be extra creative, cut out letters to spell out the names of your recipient. (Don’t own a Dymo label maker yet? Get one HERE!)

Also get one from Amazon >>> DYMO Organizer Xpress Handheld Embossing Label Maker (12965)

#3. Chocolate bar wrap

Martha Stewart

Chocolates make great gifts this holiday and instead of just handing it to the recipient in a bag, without a wrap, why not make a cute wrap for it? Get your art materials ready and make those chocolate bars stand out like these:

Get these printable designs from Patycakee

#4. Woven construction paper ribbon

I may try this idea out this year since I have lots of sheets construction paper here – thanks to the lovely gift wrapping idea from Minieco. If you have extra sheets of construction paper (or quilling strips) and sheets of bond paper then you’re good to go!

#5. Toilet Paper rolls


Got small or tiny gifts to give? Skip the traditional gift wrapping and do-it-yourself. If you have empty toilet paper rolls, don’t throw them away yet – use it as a box for your little present. Get your decorative tools and materials and that’s it!

#6. Fabric


If you have scraps of fabric lying around the house, you can also use it as an elegant way to wrap a gift. Take it up a notch by using a scarf as the wrapper – that makes it gift #1, wrapping what’s inside, which is gift #2. Clever, isn’t it? Totally zero-waste gift wrapping! Learn how to wrap a gift using fabric here.

#7. Pringles can


Who loves Pringles? I do! It’s such a waste to throw out those cylinder containers, so why not reuse it and turn it into a gift holder? You’ll have an excuse to eat and finish more cans of Pringles! **wink** Simply finish a can, clean it, get your art materials and decorate away!

#8. Newspapers


Don’t get rid of old newspapers right away – use it as a gift wrap. And I mean purely newspapers even with the ribbons. Shout out to my friend Mizh who does this amazing job of wrapping gifts beautifully using only newspapers. Here’s a tutorial on how to wrap gifts using newspapers from bluepurpleandscarlett.

#9. White on Black (chalkboard effect)

Going Home to Roost

Get a chalkboard effect on your present by using black paper to wrap and white pen or sharpie to write. Tip: Add the green leaves from the abovementioned method and you’ll have a sophisticated-looking gift.

#10. Silver details

I’m also excited about this idea, and this is one of my top favorites. Just using brown paper (manila paper) and a silver pen is enough to get this gorgeous minimalistic design from Minieco.

As I was writing and gathering inspiration from the web, I’m pretty excited to start wrapping gifts. I can’t decide which of the abovementioned gift wrapping ideas I will go for this year, but I feel that my heart is close to the chalkboard effect. 🙂

Any more gift wrapping ideas you want to share? Which one is your favorite from the ten ideas listed? Let me know in the comments section below!


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