First-Time Mom Diaries: 5 Enjoyable Moments In Newborn Care


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I couldn’t think of anything new to post. It’s hard to think with all the tasks I have at hand. But I had an idea on how to have ideas for blog topics. What I do is turn to an online forum I belong in to find inspiration. And I did! So I decided it would be a great idea to have a throwback post — remembering the time when Kai was just an infant and what it was like having a one-month-old in the house. For me – everything was precious, I didn’t mind if I was tired.

Before I had Kai, I had people warning me about rough, sleepless nights caring for a newborn and that I had to prepare myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for those nights. But guess what, I think I’m that lucky I didn’t have problems with sleep. Not to brag but the newborn stage was my favorite. I don’t know why it felt that way; maybe it was because we were breastfeeding and I didn’t have to wake up in between to prepare bottles or something. Or maybe it was because I had nothing else to do then but take care of our kid. Or that I had a flexible work schedule I didn’t have to worry about deadlines and pleasing a boss.

I enjoyed everything I did as a new mom to a human. I’ve been a mom, mostly to Zee, my mixed-breed dog. I had woken up early to potty train her, taken her to walks and taught her basic obedience. My efforts paid off because she grew up to be a really good dog. But this is not me comparing dogs to children (although there are times I swear they are the same in terms of behavior). What I’m saying is that I’ve enjoyed taking care of a living being and nurturing it when I was taking care of Zee, how much more when I had a human to look after? Here are some moments I enjoyed having when I was taking care of a newborn.

#1. Laundry and little human clothes…

I enjoyed doing the laundry – mostly Kai’s clothes because most of them were white and they were easy to wash. I loved the smell of the baby laundry detergent I used and I looked forward to laundry day because of it. I enjoyed hanging those little baby clothes to dry under the sun using little hangers.

#2. Bathing fragile bodies…

And the baths? Bathing a newborn was probably the scariest thing I’ve done at first. I had to ask my mom for help with bathing a newborn. They’re so fragile and slippery I wouldn’t want to drop Kai or something. But as soon as I moved back to our house and deal with taking care of a newborn without a more experienced person around, I had to learn and eventually I got the hang of it. Bath time has then become another of those newborn tasks that I looked forward to doing.

#3. Cleaning up sweet-smelling poop…

I also loved cleaning up his poop. You know in those movies how parents would be grossed out by the overwhelming amount of poop in diaper? It’s as if they made diaper-changing a nightmare. None of that happened to me. On the contrary, it was an opportunity to bond with my little one and gaze into his eyes (hoping he won’t piss at me). The bonus part – Kai’s poop didn’t smell horrible at all! It was like that for almost a year until he started eating solids. According to Blank Children’s Hospital Infographic on Baby Poop, healthy breastfed children will have sweet-smelling poop!

#4. Breastfeeding journey…

And there’s also the fact that we’re breastfeeding — on demand. We were a great tandem. We did it together wonderfully. I had a rough start but with perseverance and the will to breastfeed, I was able to do it and it went on for two and a half years.

#5. Having free time…

Newborns don’t get to do a lot of stuff. They just eat and sleep and observe things around them. You can do a lot of things as long as you keep him where you can see him. But me? I had preferred to delay the tasks I had for that day because I couldn’t keep my eyes off our son. That time, it felt as if I don’t want to leave his side and that I just want to hold him close and play with those little hands. That’s how in love I was with our precious boy. (It’s a different story these days, however, because he gets to my nerves rather easily. :D)

To sum it up, life with a newborn was a breeze for me and I couldn’t complain. There was nothing to complain. I’m not saying it was all that perfect, but apart from worries and concerns about what-ifs and what’s to come, I have to say it was one of the best moments of being a mommy. This is not to discourage moms who had it differently.

Every mom journey is different and unique and there’s no point in comparing notes with other moms. If you had rough moments during the first few months, know that you are not alone and many moms go through that. You just have to keep pushing and keep doing what’s best for your little one.

What were your favorite moments when taking care of a newborn? Would love to hear your story in the comments below.

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