Top 5 Best Beaches in Cebu For The Family


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Our boy happens to love the beach. He loves it more than he loves the swimming pool. The good thing is that we live in Lapu-Lapu City on the island of Mactan, the home of many best beaches in Cebu. Still, there’s maybe only one beach in Mactan that I consider friendly for our little boy. If we need to go on a trip to the best kid-friendly or family-friendly beaches in Cebu, we still have to travel for hours to get there.

When I think about the best beaches in Cebu suitable for the family, I see one where there’s fine sand – it may not necessarily be white, but as long as it’s fine since our boy loves to play in the sand with his beach toys. It shouldn’t be rocky, as opposed to some Cebu beaches that are great for those who love to go for a cliff dive.

And of course, the waters should be clean, pristine and free from jellyfish and sea urchins.


Summer is the perfect time to visit the Philippines if you want to go for a dip under the sun. I’ve rounded out our favorite kid-friendly best beaches in Cebu, which you should check out if you plan to visit the tropical Philippines with your little ones.

#5. Mactan Newtown Beach

Mactan Newtown is one of the affordable beaches in Cebu, specifically in Lapu-Lapu
There are many best beaches in Cebu to choose from

We first visited the Newtown Beach in 2017. But this area has been around for years when it was known then as Portofino Beach. Personally, I think this has to be the best affordable beach in Lapu-Lapu. I’m saying affordable because that’s what it is – compared to the luxurious beach resorts in the city, which I know has so much to offer but is just too expensive for us (unless for extremely special occasions) Check out Mactan Newtown Beach’s rates HERE.

Bring your family to one of these best beaches in Cebu for an excellent family bonding

TIP: If you plan on staying at the beach just for a day, better do it on a weekday. The beach can get very crowded on weekends for obvious reasons. We went there on a Monday and we were the only people there.

#4. Malapascua

It was Kai’s first big adventure since we had to cross to get the island. As mentioned in my previous post, Malapascua has this vibe similar to Boracay except the place is smaller and the area is known more as a diving spot. Yes, expect white sand and clear waters on this family-friendly beach.

#3. Santiago Bay, Camotes

Kai's second time in camotes celebrating our anniversary

We’ve been to Camotes several times, both as a couple and a family. It’s easily one of our favorite go-to family-friendly beaches. The powdery white sand beach boasts of a long and wide shoreline that your little one/s can run around in. Not only that, Camotes is home to numerous caverns and caves. If you and your little one are up for an adventure, this island is the place to go.

#2. Lambug, Badian

Personally, I think this beach deserves to be in the number 2 spot. The reason – I was surprised by the beauty of Lambug, particularly its long shoreline with powdery white sands. Kai was just a year old when we visited the place. He had a lot of fun playing in the sand, that’s what we remember.

Aerial view of Lambug photo by Sergei Tokmakov

#1. Best Beaches in Cebu: Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Without a doubt, this should be on top of our list. Just like Camotes, we’ve been to Bantayan multiple times – as a couple and as a family. It’s just the perfect getaway for the family if you are into beaches. You can check out our Bantayan escapade here.

Stay tuned for more posts about what fun things you can do in these family-friendly and affordable beaches in Cebu.


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