Parents Tell Son His Favorite Elephant Toy Is Not Lost – Just Busy Traveling


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Has your kid tried losing his favorite toy? I haven’t. Kai has not gotten to that stage yet. He really doesn’t have one in the first place. But just imagine the tantrums little ones would throw when their most precious toy gets lost. These parents had an epic story to tell to her son, who was left heartbroken when his favorite elephant plushie was missing. They didn’t tell the kid that his toy was lost but only going to different places.

The parents then uploaded a photo of the plushie on Reddit hoping that Photoshop masters would superimpose the elephant photo to show to the boy “proof” that his favorite cuddle buddy is somewhere off to big adventures. And the post-photo masters did just that and the results were amazing!

Check out the photos below:

Where would elephants be? Of course, in Africa.


Enjoying the Hawaiian breeze.


Going Down Under and hitching a ride on a kangaroo’s pouch.


Meeting a new friend.


Visiting POTUS.


Enjoying time being silly with other baby elephants.


Hanging out with the elephant family.


Visiting Antarctica to be with the penguins.


Making another friend in Peru.


Wouldn’t wanna miss a photo with cherry blossoms.


And the list just keeps on growing. This elephant is just lucky it gets to travel all around the world.
Check out more photos on Reddit.

This community of Photoshop geniuses is just awesome. Hmmm…

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