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Bohol With Kids – 10 Fun Things To Do




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It’s almost that time of the year again when you want to experience some fun adventure under the sun — I’m talking about beach season in the country.  One of the top destinations families love to visit happens to be Bohol. Bohol is such a great place since there are many fun things to do in the area, especially if you have kids (more specifically, a toddler) tagging along. If you are visiting Bohol with kids and you don’t know what to do in Bohol, you’ve come to the right place for some tips.

We visited Bohol with kids two years ago and it was, indeed, a fun adventure for the kiddos. While the beach was clearly our ultimate destination (because kids love the beach after all), there are plenty of interesting sights to see and fun things to do in Bohol. If you’re around in Bohol with kids, don’t miss out on these 10 fun things to do that your family will surely enjoy.

1. Drive around Bohol.

When you rent a car in Bohol, you can do most anything. Personally, I think renting a car for your trip is very convenient, especially if you’re traveling with kids and are unsure of what to do in Bohol. You can make stops whenever you want. It was fun driving around Tagbilaran City, and see old houses, the trees and the feel of a small town.

2. See the tarsiers!

Bohol is synonymous with tarsiers. When you go to Bohol, you should never EVER miss an opportunity to be close to one of the smallest primates in the world by visiting a Tarsier conservation area. These endangered guys are extremely shy and sensitive. So NO FLASH photography! And no loud noises. While there’s one in Loboc, here’s a good read from I Am Aileen as to why we shouldn’t be (although we did, without knowing beforehand) supporting the tarsier “conservation area” in the municipality.

Credit: Raso mk/Wikimedia Commons

3. Loboc River Cruise with Lunch

Another one of the fun things to do in Bohol with kids is to enjoy lunch while aboard a cruise along the Loboc River. Honestly, we’re not a fan of the food (like, totally not a big fan) but it’s a lovely experience for the family, nevertheless.

4. Drive through the manmade forest

Don’t know what to do in Bohol? Drive through the densely planted mahogany trees and stop by for some photos. Get the magical feel of being around nature.

5. A visit to the Chocolate Hills

Bohol is known for the picturesque Chocolate Hills in Carmen. These hills are unique and I only used to see it in postcards and textbooks. Though it wasn’t the first time I visited Bohol, it was still a wonderful experience shared with the family.

Visiting Chocolate Hills is one of the fun things to do in Bohol with kids.

6. Visit and dine at the Bohol Bee Farm

Ivan and I have been to this Bee Farm but during our visit in Bohol with kids, we missed it. We were aiming for the beach so we didn’t have enough time to stop by the Bee Farm. But I’m hoping we will visit this place the next time we decide to take a trip to Bohol with kids.

You won't regret traveling to Bohol with kids as there are so many things to see and do in the area

7. Firefly watching in Bohol with Kids

It’s a shame we missed this but we’ll definitely include this in our list the next time we visit. I can only imagine seeing thousands of bright fireflies lighting up the dark. Here’s a guide on how you can enjoy this experience.

8. Beaches

Beach! Beach! If you’re a beach bum, you shouldn’t miss the gorgeous beaches in Bohol, particularly in Alona Beach in Panglao. There are plenty of hotels in Alona but overall, Panglao Island is home to beautiful beach resorts. If you need help in finding the best family hotels along Alona Beach in Bohol, check out this guide.


9. See the butterflies

Kai would’ve loved the Butterfly Sanctuary if we’d gone there during our visit. Personally, I haven’t been to the Butterfly Sanctuary, but I’ve read plenty of positive reviews from visitors. It’s definitely on our list of fun things to do in Bohol with kids next time.

10. Visit the Baclayon Church

The La Purisima Concepcion de la Virgen Maria Parish Church in Baclayon, Bohol is one of the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines built from coral stones. It was affected by the massive 2013 earthquake but the church has been completely restored in 2017.

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