10 Fun Gift Ideas For Kids 2018


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Christmas is around the corner and we all know what that means for most kids – receiving gifts. And we Pinoys are big with gifts when it comes to kids – your own kids, your nieces, nephews and/or godchildren. At times, because you have too many kids to think about, you tend to run out of ideas on what to give as presents. To help you with that, here are 10 gift ideas for kids for 2018.

#1. Wooden Spelling Boards

I am a fan of wooden toys and I looooooove educational toys! This one is from Melissa and Doug’s and if you have a preschooler like mine, this spelling board can help them with their alphabets, phonics and reading.


#2. Wooden Puzzles

Puzzles are great for developing your kid’s cognitive and problem solving kids. There are many different kinds of puzzles out there but I love those that are made of wood.

#3. Art-Kit

I love doing arts and crafts and I’m sure many kids enjoy them too. If I were a kid, I’d definitely be overjoyed to have this coloring kit.

#4. 3D-Pen

This would be such a cool gift to give to an older child who is into arts and crafts. I know I’d get this one for my niece.

#5. Slime Kit

Slime continues to be popular among kids. If you don’t want to DIY some slime, you can always buy this kit from Elmer’s.

#6. Wooden Workbench/Toolbox Playset

I know what I’m getting Kai this year. This should keep the boys busy.

#7. Magnetic Blocks

Let your kids play and learn with these scalable magnetic blocks!

#8. Musical instruments

Little ones are fascinated by sounds. Get them different musical instruments and let them discover different ways to produce sounds and beautiful music.

#9. AR books and flashcards

You know what’s more awesome than buying the little ones a book? Getting them an Augmented Reality Book! Stories literally come to life with AR books using a free app on your mobile phone. Flashcards can make learning even more fun.

#10. Velcro cutting vegetables

This was a favorite of Kai. It’s what made him learn names of several vegetables at the age of two. You know, those kids you see on YouTube cutting their vegetables? This kept him busy.

These gift ideas are great for any occasion. Remember to not let your kids play unsupervised especially when there are parts small enough to become a choking hazard. What are you getting the little ones this holiday?

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