7 Christmas Gift Ideas for Planner Moms


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When it comes to planner moms or just anyone who enjoys writing down tasks or bullet journaling, it’s quite easy to please them and come up with gift ideas. It takes one to know one. Haha! I may not be using planner notebooks but I am a bullet journalist and it’s easy to make me happy! A cute pen would do.

Don’t know what to get a planner mom? Besides planners and pens (really, because there’s always room for those) here are gift ideas for planner moms to help you out.

#1. Roll-up pencil case

When she’s a planner person or a bullet journalist, expect that she keeps a stash of different pens on her desk. You’ll be surprised at just how many different pens she’s got – marker pens, drawing pen, fineliner pens, regular pens, etc. A rollup pencil case is a great idea to give to the planner mom, especially when it has cute designs.

#2. Planner stickers

Can’t get enough of them. Planner moms are crazy for stickers. They’re cute. They bring life to planners especially for those who can’t really draw. You can choose colorful stickers or even minimalistic ones, like these ones I’ve designed.

#3. Washi tapes

Just like stickers, anyone who loves planners or bullet journals can’t get enough of washi tapes. Some would hoard them. I, for one, have a stash of washi tapes I barely use. HAHA! Despite that, washi tapes will alwats be welcome! Trust me, especially when they have unique designs. Try doing it yourself – it’s fun and it adds more meaning to the gift. If not, check out the awesome vintage designs below.

#4. Calligraphy ink set

When someone’s into bullet journaling or planners, also expect that they have learned or are still learning calligraphy. It’s the craze these days and many people want to learn the art. For someone who’s into calligraphy, an ink set will be the perfect gift this Christmas. Try this pixie ink for a magical effect on calligraphy.

#5. Desk organizer

People who love planners and organizers will also want their desks to be clean. After all, they can have a LOOOT of supplies. Getting a desk organizer is the way to make your planner mom or friend overjoyed this holiday.

#6. Pocket photo printer

If you are Mr./Ms. FancyPants, a pocket photo printer will also be a great gift for the planner mom. Just imagine the many things the planner lover can do with a pocket photo printer. Sprocket photo printer is portable and uses Bluetooth connectivity, so you can print your favorite photos on the spot – wherever, whenever.

7. Silicone Clear stamps

The planner girl looves to decorate the spreads on their notebooks or journals. If they can’t draw, there’s always stamping. These clear acrylic stamps come in different designs that are just hard to resist. Any planner lover will easily fall in love with clear stamps!


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