Noisy Baby on Plane: Why Moms Shouldn’t Give Out Goodie Bags To Strangers As An Apology


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Kai will have his very first plane ride in two months and I stumbled upon an article, which made me realize that there’s such a thing as moms handing goodie bags to passengers as an apology for traveling with a noisy baby. Thankfully, I came upon this article from a mom who does not approve of the gesture.

So, I found out that some moms fill bags with goodies with a note made to look like it was written by a baby. These bags not only contain treats but also ear plugs just in case passengers get annoyed by the cries of babies on plane. It’s like parents’ way of buying the passengers’ cooperation just in case the screaming and crying noisy baby won’t stop. I didn’t know this was a thing and it even went viral.

We’ve booked a plane ticket for our summer vacay and I start to wonder what if Kai gets noisy, cries a lot or gets terrified by being on the plane? What if I can’t calm him down? What happens then? Should I consider making these goodie bags?

Parents should not apologize to plane passengers for having a noisy baby on board.

Nope. And I know there are parents who don’t see it’s necessary to hand out those goodie bags. One is Cassie Murdoch, who wrote on Mashable that she’s “filled with rage” each time she sees photos of treats to give out as an apology from moms with a noisy baby.

“The cumulative effect, though, of these goody bags sweeping the feel-good internet is to build in the unrealistic expectation that the next time you board a plane and see someone holding a baby that person owes you a preemptive apology in the form of Tootsie Rolls,” Murdoch wrote.

“The thing about these goody bags that has rubbed many parents the wrong way from the start is that they send the message we should feel bad for having babies who act like babies. We shouldn’t.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. In case this happens to us or any of you, just remember you don’t owe anyone on the plane an apology for traveling with babies on plane — noisy ones at that. Kids will always be noisy and it’s not like the parents are not doing anything to contain them.

Also, just think that you’re on board with strangers. Who cares? And if someone posts about your noisy baby on Instagram? Who cares again? They’re doing you (and me) a favor! *wink*

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