Trick or Treat 2017: Kai’s Last Minute Halloween Costume


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I never thought we’d join any Halloween event this year. My October was booked – birthdays and a wedding and I just wasn’t able to prepare any Halloween costume. For the last two years, Kai went as Chucky. It was the easiest we can think of at that time.

This year, we didn’t give it much thought – I couldn’t think of any costume for Kai. I thought we’d skip and settle for Halloween movies instead. But I was wrong and it’s a good thing. My friend (also Kai’s godmother) invited us to join the event in her neighborhood a day prior to the event. So yes, big thanks to Eusa for thinking about us.

I told her Kai doesn’t have a costume. She offered to lend the Spiderman costume her now five-year-old wore from the previous Halloween event. So there, it was settled-ish. I told our boy he’ll be going as Spiderman but he said, “No, I want to be a ghost.”

I didn’t mind what he said. I thought he’ll just forget all about the Spiderman thing but in the morning the next day, I told him about his costume and he insisted he’ll go as a ghost. So I had asked Ivan to buy his trick or treat basket and a white piece of cloth. But then I remembered my friend gave me “scraps” of fabric for my planned teepee project. I opened the bag she gave to me and found a piece of white sheer cloth (honestly, I don’t know the type of cloth it was).

I had the helper stitch the fabric into a skirt, in which Kai’s head goes into the smaller hole. That was like two hours before the event. We managed to have everything – Kai’s basket and his Halloween costume by 5 p.m, just the right time to go to the event. Of course, we had his cousin tag along because it’s a school break for them.

I struggled to get Kai to wear the costume at firstย because when he saw the cloth, he changed his mind. He even threw a fit. But when we arrived at the place, it changed and he agreed to put it on.

Halloween 2015. First-time to go as Chucky.

That time we went as a Chucky family in 2016 and me with the blue hair.

Kai's Halloween costume for 2017

And here’s my boy with his very last minute Halloween costume.

I may not have created the grandest Halloween costume but I’m glad that I was able to come up with something so he wouldn’t miss trick-or-treating this year. It was fun seeing Kai do it again. And of course, the look on his face when he sees all the sweet treats is priceless!


  1. Haha you guyd look adorable! I guess at the end it doesnt matter how the perfect the custome is…is how much candy you get!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜ No, if the kids arw having than you have succeded your role as a mum!

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