5 Super Helpful Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms


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Breastfeeding is such hard work. Salute to all moms who commit to doing it for their babies. If you know a friend or family member who is breastfeeding, the best way to show your support is by giving them tools they need to make their breastfeeding journey a lot easier. There are many useful gifts for breastfeeding moms, especially new ones. And if you’re not sure what to give them, here are my top 5 personal favorites. It doesn’t have to be Christmas – these gifts can be given anytime and will surely be much appreciated.

What Does a Breastfeeding Mom Need?

Breastfeeding is not a smooth journey. Along the way, there may be disappointments in the form of poor latching, painful breasts or sore nipples, and exhaustion, among others. This is why a breastfeeding mom should receive all the support she can get to make it a little easier. If you’re one of the new moms experiencing these problems, know that you’re not alone and there are products out there that can really help.

Below are my top 5 very useful and practical gifts for breastfeeding moms, in no particular order.

Top 5 Helpful Gifts for Nursing Moms

1. Nursing Pillow

Do not underestimate the power of a nursing pillow. I never had one of these but I wish I had gotten it (I will surely get it if I’m going to get pregnant again). A great quality nursing pillow provides support when you place your baby on the lap. The pillow allows him to be near your nipple, giving both of you a comfortable position. And since the baby is on the right level of your nipple, this will encourage proper latching.

Let’s not ignore the fact that nursing pillows come in cute designs – so there’s that. And the bonus is that you can use it at different stages in your baby’s life. As the infant gets older, you can also use the pillow for propping, for tummy time, and for sitting. Most nursing pillows are designed to accommodate whatever breastfeeding positions you are comfortable with.

2. Nursing Cover

To cover or not to cover? That is the choice to be made by the mother. Personally, I don’t have a problem with women who cover up – Ahem, I’m one of them. And I also don’t have any issue with those who don’t like to cover-up. If you know someone who prefers covering up, then a nursing cover can be a perfect gift idea.

Wearing a nursing cover is also an opportunity to be fashionable. Many covers are designed to double up as a poncho or even as a scarf. There are multi-purpose covers out there, such as this Multi-way wrap from Elin.

3. Breastfeeding clothes

If you seriously want to help a breastfeeding mom have it a lot easier, give her some breastfeeding clothes! Not only will these clothes be functional but they also let her strut in style. I’ve dedicated a blog post on the best breastfeeding clothes you can find in the Philippines. You can also check out the following awesome brands: Latched Mama

Breastfeeding clothes or nursing apparel come in various awesome designs. You can have breastfeeding tops or a whole dress. They are all designed to make your boobs easily accessible to babies. Check out some of the styles available in the market below:

4. Lactation Cookies

If you’d rather want to help in the form of nourishments, lactation cookies will be a great gift idea for breastfeeding moms. Some women may have a hard time keeping up with their breastmilk supply. This can be discouraging and could make moms feel like they’ve failed breastfeeding.

Giving lactation cookies, whether store-bought or baked by yourself, is a super nice gesture. This not only lets momma have a treat but also encourages her milk supply.

Want to add more meaning to your gift? Bake it yourself using this recipe.

5. Offer to do chores

Okay, this is not a tangible gift but it weighs more. There’s nothing better than offering a breastfeeding mom some help around the house. Take some stuff of her plate, which you can do in several ways.

  • Feed her or cook for her nutritious dishes
  • Watch the baby when she goes to take a shower
  • Respect her privacy if she doesn’t want to receive visitors
  • Look after her other children; do some fun activities for them
  • Ask if she needs something from the grocery or offer to do her errands

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