15 Kids And Their Hilarious Life Goals


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Kids say the darnedest things when they say what’s on their mind. And they’re pretty clear about what their life goals, what they want to be and do when they grow up. There’s just no limit to their imagination and dreams.

For some kids, it’s fun to become Batman, a hero that saves the day while others would simply want to be an inanimate object. Whatever they want to be when they grow older, these children clearly won’t let anything get in the way of their life goals.

#1. Age counting.

#2. Getting mail is somewhat exciting.

#3. He’s being very clear about his life goals.

#4. Not so bright …

#5. This one might or might not get a boyfriend.

#6. I want to be like mommy.

#7. The bearded lady.

#8. This kid knows what it’s like.